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vicky4x4July 23, 2011

What is the MOST you will pay for a yard of fabric?

My top is $12 a yard but it better be something totally special. I usually get what I need at about $6 or so a yard.


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I usually pay around $8, but will pay up to $12 for a special batik. I will pay up to $15 for extra wide backing.


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It some what depends on need but I usually top out under $12 except for extra wide which I feel is a bargain. Prices are going up so it is difficult to set a perameter if you want quality.

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I have paid $18 for wide backing that I really wanted, but for 44-45 wide I don't like to go over $10. I can usually get what I want for less than that using coupons and waiting for sales.


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When I was a kid my mom & I shopped at a chain called Fabric King. They had mostly precut pieces of fabric...1 yard, 2 yards, 3 yards, etc. Much of the fabric there was $1.00 a yard! (This was 35-40 years ago, you see.) Anyway, we would go there and just pick out fabric we liked and go home with armloads of stuff! Sometimes I had a blouse or a dress in mind to make, sometimes I just liked the fabric.

Because of that, whenever I go into JoAnn's and see some of their quilting fabrics for $8-$10 a yard, I can't believe it! LOL And I know it costs much more at quilt shops.

Anyway, probably about $10 a yard would be the top I'd pay, and then it would kill me to cut it!


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I don't think I have ever paid more than $10 a yard for anything - and this is why I go to Lancaster PA whenever I can. I even found my wide backing for my Sunny Lanes quilt in Lancaster on sale. Not sure how much Mary Jo's quilters' cotton is up to these days. But I will travel the 2 hours to MJ's and do a major fabric haul before I pay $12-$14 dollars a yard. And I have considered ordering enough online to get free shipping. Not a hard thing to do for any of us, right?


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Oh my! I think Canadian prices are much more than US , at least in my area. $15-18 for good quilting cotton.

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The price of fabric is one reason I buy as much as I can when I go to my fav store in Indiana. Her prices are awesome and she has excellent fabric! It pains me to pay more than $6 a yard unless it's for something very special. Kona Cotton is even $6 a yard at HOP now....plus shipping!

I've just heard about a new quilting/fabric store about 20 miles away. It's called A Bunch of Sew and Sews. lol Gonna check it out this week.


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Sharon, where do you live? LOL A while back my friends & I made a day trip over to Rainbow's End in Dunedin. It was fun! We hit Country Quilts & Bears in Clearwater and The Patchwork Pig in Lakeland on the way back to Orlando.


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I could probably be reincarnated as a quilter and still not be able to use up the stash I already have. My ex D-I-L dropped another care package on my doorstep last month with more. Good stuff, given to her by a quilter.

Of course that doesn't mean I don't buy more when I see something I must have..or something on sale so cheap I also must have.....sigh. I do occasionally splurge on a good piece of quilting fabric but that's when I don't even go looking unless I have a substantial coupon in my hand or somebody's LQS is getting rid of fabric and serious it should sell.

I think the most I ever paid for quilting material is about eight dollars at half price...so that would translate to $16 a yard and that was before cotton took such a jump several years ago. Yes..........I bought enough to make a circus tent.

I guess you can surmise most of my projects center around what I already have on hand. So I look at my stash consider the purpose and destination of the quilt and choose a block pattern accordingly. That being said, I'm not above buying an expensive piece to integrate into a quilt in small amounts to give it the effect I want. Bottom line is I'll go about $8 and wait for a good sale.

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I don't know that I have a ceiling price. As prices continue to up and I continue to quilt, I guess I'll pay whatever I need to. But if I spend 10 or 12 dollars for a killer fabric or two, then I'll mix in some less costly pieces.

I try to mitigate the cost by buying sale fabric when I can and by shopping on line at the discount sites. Every once in a while Joann's will have FQs for 99 cents and I'll grab a few that I think I'll need for birthday blocks or QOV projects (blues, reds, whites, beiges).


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Oh my, I'm going to reveal how cheap I am. There were 2 pieces of fabric that I passed up this weekend because they were a little over $1 a yard. I've been only buying fabric at garage sales and thrift stores for several years and realized my mental bar is that I want to pay under $1 a yard. The last fabric I bought in a store would have been from my local Wal-mart (that closed their fabric section several years back) at $5 a yard.

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That isn't cheap, Karpet. It's frugal and quilting has a long history of frugality and I admire it. A piece of fabric in my house is never thrown......it can always fulfill a function even if it's stuffing for a pet pillow.

You'd be surprised at how often one can find good fabric at auctions, yard sales and thrift shops. Oftentimes thrown after someone thinks they may like to start a hobby and after a block or two............and having it lay a shelf for ten years finally cleanse house. Our society is drowning in redundant 'stuff'.

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Donna, I'm West of you on the Gulf Coast....Crystal River.


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I don't think I have paid more than $10 for fabric except for the extra wide backing. Not sure what I paid for that. I would have to know exactly what I was going to use it for to pay more than $10 per yard.
Sharon, which store do you visit in Indiana? A friend and I are going to Shipshewana on Thursday to visit the quilt shops.
Linda OH

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Some of the batiks are up over $13.00 yd at LQS - yikes!
I try to mix in some lower priced fabric, but better quality. I got rid of all my fabrics - many boxes - about 45 years worth - a few years ago. I'm okay with that (mostly) makes me feel better about buying new. I always hit the remnants at the LQS, but they are only 25% off, but I have gotten some really nice quality pieces to use for the Lottos and B'day blocks in colors and fabrics I would not normally buy.
I have started ordering more on line, but even online I feel lucky if I get it under $8.00yd.
What's my top price? Depends on who it is for & what I'm making. My time is precious - so I have a problem sewing with bad fabric - but I've been unhappy with expensive fabric also - so price alone does not tell the quality.

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Linda, Calico Point is not close to Shipshe. It's southwest of Goshen at the point where CR 40 and SR 119 intersect. They do not sell over the internet...bummer. Jeanne, the owner, is a lovely Mennonite woman who remembers me from year to year. @:)


Here is a link that might be useful: Calico Point

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about Sew and Sew in FL....


Here is a link that might be useful: Needle Travel

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Gwen, I visited a Bunch of Sew and Sews on Monday. It looks like they're fairly new as the shelves are not crammed full of fabric. Very nice, personable ladies and they also do long arm quilting and have a class area. I bought some fork pins that Linda recommended and really enjoy using them.


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msmeow, I bought some fabric for $1 a yard yesterday! I couldn't believe it when I saw it. It is a good brand, too. The fabric store was supposed to be starting its sale today, but they had apparently marked down items the day before to be ready for it.
I have lots of fabric in my stash and tend to watch for sales, just being careful to feel the fabric before I buy to make sure it is not too thin, too stiff, etc. Besides looking locally, I order from Hancock's of Paducah and even though I can't "feel" their fabric before ordering, I have never been disappointed by the quality - sometimes the color is a little bit of a surprise, but I can live with it! LOL
Vicky, you are doing a great job thinking up the questions for the day. Thanks so much. I read as many of them as I can... sometimes though it just gets too busy around here.

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