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heyhorizonsOctober 1, 2007

will using a pork roast from the hind leg of a wild pig be as tender as the shoulder cut when slow roasting for 6-10 hours?

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No....but it should be tender enough to enjoy.
Linda C

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If you don't let it dry out when you cook it then it will be fine. Wild pig (at least the ones we used to hunt down here) is the best pork in the world, in my opinion.

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Where are you located? What they eat has a lot to do with how they taste. If they are on acorns you are in luck for sure. As above you must not allow it to dry out. 225 is about right and use a thermometer. what you baste it with is also important. Sour orange juice if you can get it is the best. If not, add lime juice to regular FREASH OJ and try that.
1eyedJack and the Dawg

We hunt them with dogs and pistols so we never get any shot up meat, but if you have killed one from a stand with a killing shot straight away it is best. The meat will always taste better

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