Ugly House floor plan

scrappykatJuly 2, 2014

Along with the ugly exterior, the interior is configured poorly (at least for my needs/wants).

Here is the current floor plan (i couldn't figure out how to label the rooms, but the right side has a bedroom on either end with a large laundry room in the middle.

The left side has the living room in front, then kitchen, then a tiny bathroom opening onto the kitchen (yuck) with a small enclosed porch on the rear

i would like to tear down the wall separating the living room and kitchen.

I would also like to make the bathroom into a half bath opening onto the hallway and convert the laundry room into a larger bathroom

what do you think?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Will definitely depend on what is a supporting wall and what isn't as to taking out the wall.
I think changing the laundry room to a bathroom is a good idea and it already has water and drains piped to it so should not be as difficult as it could be with out that.

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thanks for the input Raven----yea, i'm not sure if its a structural wall or not :/

good to know the bathroom idea could work

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I agree with the laundry-to-bathroom idea. But if you convert the existing bath to a laundry room, where will you put the washer and dryer? Should they instead go into the existing bath instead of making it a half bath? How many people will be living in the house? Is a 2nd toilet/sink critical?

Before I tore down the LR/kitchen wall, I'd lay out the LR furniture and kitchen cabinetry plus dining area table and chairs (presumably in the kitchen?). Having a wall there might work (or not) in the new kitchen layout.

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With a house this size, I wonder how necessary a powder room is? Maybe just swap the bath and the laundry room? Or where do you plan to do laundry once you change hour laundry to a bath?

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i would like two bathrooms---just me ;) If I removed the large shower in the 3/4 bath, there would be room for a stackable washer/dryer....

I also posted this over in the Remodeling Forum andthey are thinking wallls between kitchen and living room are load bearing :( that kind of sucks but, someone suggested removing 3/4 bath and expanding kitchen to include a dining room---i like that idea since right now the kitchen doesn't have much room for a table. I wouldnt get my 2 bathrooms but that could b ok....

they also said that it looks like i could take some space from the laundry room to expand a bedroom and still have room for a full bath, so that would be ok too

i made an offer and should hear by monday----i'm really excited!!!!! :)

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Could you do some type of half wall between kitchen and living room?

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Sophie Wheeler

Not gonna be a cheap project. How skilled are you at DIY? I'm assuming you aren't in the trades, because of the questions you have been asking. That means paying for labor, which is the most expensive part of any reno. If you don't have massive DIY skills, a decent budget, and a very long timeline to live in a work in progress as you go, then pass this house by and look for something else.

It's a money pit for all of the changes that you are talking about making. Every single system in the house will need to be touched and upgraded if you start renovating. That's an expensive slippery slope for someone with a low skill level and a low budget. Just read the other post on here about the house with the leaky basement and shot roof. That could be you: house poor, and without the budget to even fix basic needs.

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thank you for your input Holly! Even if all I could do are cosmetic improvements to both the inside and outside, i would still want this house. It's a foreclosure on water that I can afford without needing to take out a mortgage. The water and yard/lot are awesome--i will make do with the house if i have too :)

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