Custom cabinet space for excalibur dehydrator

daviderin7April 7, 2014

Has anyone done this? We recently removed our dishwasher, and would like to use the space in other ways. Amongst other things, we'd like to add a custom space for our Excalibur food dehydrator, which is currently used on the countertop and takes up a huge amount of space.

I browsed the internets, and found zero examples of this having been done! I figure my two main concerns are proper ventilation, and access to the top panel.

Has anyone done this, or seen this?


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How often do you use the dehydrator? Could you build in a roll-out shelf for the dehydrator, and just slide it out when it's in use?

(P.S. What do you use a dehydrator FOR?)

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How about an appliance lift? You could pull it out and up to load/unload, then put it back inside while it's working?

I'd maybe put a louvered door on the cabinet or punched tin (like a pie safe). You might also be able to get away with a regular door, if you add vent holes into the surrounding cabinets to increase airspace.

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I've done custom dog beds, places for water coolers, printers, and all kinds of assorted spaces. Pretty sure I could do one for a dehydrator. Or any other competent KD with the specs for the machine.

Not having seen the beast, I don't have a lot of ideas of what it needs. But, you could do a heavy duty roll out tray so that you could access the top panel, and do some type of ventilated grille insert for the doors. I'd probably want to do some type of active ventilation, like a computer fan added into it. And depending on how much moisture we might be talking about, I might want to do some type of cabinet liner as well.

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Following this thread, as we want to do the exact same thing. We're not removing the dishwasher - we use it as a drying rack. But I'm looking to put the dehydrator in a cabinet and maybe drilling holes or using a screen in the back for venting?

I've scoured the internet but haven't found anyone else trying to do this, so I was so happy to stumble across this thread!

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I have an Excalibur also, but have to put the thing in the garage when I turn it on. Listening to that loud fan for hours and hours drives me completely batty. Besides the noise, I'm not sure I'd want that moisture in a cabinet, even with vent holes. Are you sure you really need it running in a cabinet?

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Ours is a Sedona and is fairly quiet. I don't know how an Excalibur sounds, though.

I scoured the internet last night and have come up with a solution that was inspired by a microwave in an open shelf: I can place the dehydrator in a cabinet below the cooktop. The doors will stay closed unless it's in use, then during use the doors will be open (and tucked back in so it looks like an open shelf):

- Put in an EZ Pocket Door system for those cabinet doors.

- Put in a sliding shelf so the back can be accessed easily if needed.

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