Color, color, everywhere! (carinr's bungalow)

cruffMay 13, 2011

The painters have been at it for a week and I just had to share!

Living room (which we discussed here), before and after, now painted in BM Man on the Moon:

and looking from the living room into the dining room, b&a:

(DR paint is BM Blue Jean)

and from the dining room back into the living room:

Here's the bathroom, subject of this thread:

(P&L Chinese Orange matched in BM Bath and Spa paint)

and the bedroom!

(BM Stratford Blue)

Soon it's going to be time to start choosing fabrics for window treatments and bedding in the tiny, deep blue bedroom, and I'd love to have suggestions. Thanks to everybody for your help!

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It is all beautiful, but that orange bathroom is heart stopping. I painted an accent wall in my LR orange about 15 years ago - and I didn't ever think I liked orange. It is just so full of life. I love your choices and can't wait to see how you accessorize (especially in the bath).

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Great choices!

I was going to say "and I particularly love....," but then decided I love it all!

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Very pretty colors. Love that bathroom color.

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Beautiful choices!

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Gorgeous! It's making me want to stray from my safe, paint everything neutral, plan.

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Thanks, everyone! Olychick, I hope that's "heart stopping" in a good way :-)

I also took a bathroom pic with a flash, which captures more of the pink tones that are in the paint:

That bathroom is only going to get MORE SO! when the blind and shower curtain in this fabric are up:

Next week, I hope to have pics of the lavender study/den and the grassy green guest room to show you.

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Carinr, your colors look great!

Beth P.

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Love it all!! The orange bathroom is going to be fab when you pull it all together!

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You certainly aren't afraid of color.

I like the choices.

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I really like the orange paint and the fabric. It will be such a happy and cheery space when you are finished!

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love your colors:) and also I really like that you seem to be having such fun!

anyway, my 5 yr old son's room and adjoining playroom are painted BM Stratford Blue...some folks were worried when I chose that because they thought it'd be too dark...but I was going for deep and calm and thats exactly what I got. I love it and we always get compliments on it. Most importantly, HE loves it...its really cozy, especially at night when we're putting him to bed and have a low light on.

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Ditto here for all the pretty colors, but especially that orange bathroom. Wow! I did my den and laundry room in an orange 3 years ago and still love them. Kudos

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I love that fabric for the shower curtain/shades! That bathroom is going to look fantastic!

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Glad everybody likes these! More to come soon.

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That fabric is gorgeous! I really love the Man in the Moon paint as well. Very pretty pale yellow.

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The fabric is called Khyber, colorway Aqua, available from Calico Corners, for those who are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Khyber Aqua

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Very nice choices! I love your blue dining room and may come back to take another look at that BM shade when I'm done with my living room repaint and ready to take on another room! Your orange bath is fabulous! I'm a huge fan of bold color, and you've done it beautifully in that room!

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Great colors, Carin. Please be sure to show us the photos of each room as you do them. I can't wait to see what you do.

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Oceanna, I will! The painters are supposed to be finished in another week and my stuff actually gets moved in in mid-June, at which point there will be LOTS of pics. Meanwhile, we're discussing the blue bedroom in more depth over at this thread.

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Turns out the painters worked over the weekend! The study/den is now lavender (BM Blue Orchid) and I have great pics from a sunny afternoon:

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That's such a happy color! I love it. And what a beautiful room, with all those windows.

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The painters finished up today, and I have one last batch of pics for you. Most excitingly, here's my gloriously green basement guest room:

It's in Green Thumb, which is one of Benjamin Moore's new full-spectrum ("Color Stories") paints. A little silly to use it in a basement, perhaps, but it is FABULOUS. You have to experience this green to appreciate it. (We opted to keep the overhead pipes black for the moment so they'd be clearly visible, because they're very low. One of these days, I'll probably paint them a rainbow of fabulous colors.)

We did the basement bathroom in paint left over from the study:

The main spaces of the basement are nice and clean in BM Simply White (here with a glimpse of the green guest room):

The kitchen has been brightened up with BM Milkyway:

And here's the dining room (BM Blue Jean) with its red rug back in place and a view towards the kitchen with its new red counters:

If anyone is in the DC area and would like a recommendation for painters, I'd be happy to pass on the contact info for mine. They were AMAZING - on time, on budget, and a complete pleasure to work with.

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How wonderful to have your entire house freshly painted in your choice of colors. It all looks terrific. I love the fabric. It goes with so many of the colors you've chosen for the house. I can't wait to see your home when you're moved in and settled.

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Chickadee2, I'm glad you like it. Doing a whole house at one go is something I've been wanting to do after taking the long, slow, DIY approach in the two previous houses. Which doesn't mean, of course, that there won't be cycles of that to come! But it is fun to see a whole house transformed in two weeks. I can't wait to get my things in there, either. There will be plenty of posts to come once I start shoving furniture around, I'm sure.

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Love the colors. I live in N. Va. And would love the name of your painter.

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I was going to comment on the paint work because it looks like they did a fantastic job! Love the colors and can't wait to see what comes next!

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Arapaho, they did indeed do a really nice, careful job. They removed and cleaned up all the door and window hardware and did really good prep. And they painted every surface in a 2000sf house in 12 working days.

k9arlene, if you email me via my page, I'll send you details.

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your colors are great!

so not all beige, like my place - lol!

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Back again! I was away for a couple of weeks between painting and moving, but I finally moved into the colorful bungalow a week ago and am starting to dig out from under the boxes and prepare to make some decisions about window treatments. First, for the tiny blue bedroom: I'd originally been thinking of a room done all in blue and white, but then a friend came over to look at the room carrying her taxicab-yellow handbag and my vision changed :-) I found this fabric at Pierre Deux and am kind of in love:

The question is: drapes as well as a blind? The drapes wouldn't close over the radiator (which is currently hidden by the sample I've hung up here) but they would hang on either side of the window and look rich and abundant - and increase my cost by about $500 if I go with this fabric :-) But space is limited on either side, especially on the left where the desk/dresser is, so maybe drapes would be too much? So perhaps just a blind, but then also do an upholstered headboard in the same fabric. The bed in this room is twin sized, so a headboard for it would be similar in scale and dimensions to the blind, and might provide some needed balance on the adjacent wall.

In other news, the fabric for the bathroom blind and shower curtain has arrived! Here it is draped over the curtain rod.

I'd love some thoughts about what style of blind to have made for the window in here. I'm thinking a very simple Roman style that shows off the fabric but doesn't complicate it with poofs and flourishes, since there's so much going on visually in this room.

In even more news, I bought a new rug for the entryway portion of my living room. Here's my 16-year-old dog inspecting the new purchase:

More living room and study updates coming soon.

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I love your new home!!! Great color and the fabrics are so beautiful! I have rads infront of many of my windows too so I am so curious to see how you handle the window treatments. I have yet to figure out what is best yet:(
Good luck and enjoy your lovely home!

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I love that you are going with all that color and I think your fabrics are amazing. In the blue bedroom, I would use the fabric on the headboard and then use a complimentary fabric for a roman shade on the window. The reason I say that is because it will make the bed the focus in the room instead of the window.

I love that shower curtain, it's amazing but your right between the pattern of the curtain and the color of the room it could get pretty busy with yet more pattern. How about just using a simple bamboo blind? Too bad you have to cover up any of the window, I love all the trim work it has.

You are just going gangbusters, wow, liking the rug too, not as much as the fabrics you have in the other rooms, but I'm drawn more to those colors.

Good job! Can't wait to see another update.

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What a gorgeous home! I love, love, love the Blue Orchid! I had my bedroom painted that color in our previous home! DH wasn't crazy about it but I adored it! I cannot wait to see your rooms when you have completed accesssorizing!

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Thanks, everyone! lukkiirish, the only problem with that idea is that if the wonderful yellow fabric is only on the headboard, I never get to look at it, whereas if it's in the window instead of just behind my head, I can contemplate how much I love it, morning and evening :-)

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Adorable! I love bungalows! They are so charming! Please post when all moved in!

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Hmmm, well I can understand that, I just think it would make a really beautiful headboard.

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Your home is just 'yummy', nothing I don't like! I think your painters were amazing, looks as though they were very professional and neat workers. I am in love with your home, colors and now I want to see furnishings back in there. It's all certainly creative and not at all boring, this will keep you happy for years to come. Thank you for showing it to all of your Garden Web friends. susan

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Love that bathroom color.I love your new home!!

Here is a link that might be useful: petty

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Lukkiirish, I agree! Good excuse to do both, then, eh?

Susan, there will definitely be pics of furniture coming very soon. I just need to clear a few more boxes off furniture, and then I'll need help figuring out a sofa color, placement for all my too-miscellaneous side tables, and where to hang my art. Stay tuned!

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Love, love, love the bathroom fabric. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks!

Your bungalow looks awesome (she says as she goes off to paint the hallway in boring cream).

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Forgot to add: did you have your radiators painted too? And how was it done. I need to repaint several in a 230 year old house we bought and I don't have a clue. Do you remove them and spray paint or just paint them in place? In place, it would be difficult to reach all the nooks and crannies.

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Rafor, amazingly, the rads were painted an inoffensive white already and the paint was in very good shape, so we didn't paint them at all, not wanting to add more layers of paint if they weren't necessary. In general, I'd say paint them in place, because removing them is a huge plumbing operation, involving draining your whole heating system - unless you're doing work on the system anyway. You do end up missing some nooks and crannies, but not in a way that much affects how they look from the room.

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Mick Mick

I love your use of color. Also, your home is absolutely charming.

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Thank you!

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I came across your previous thread (where you show your gorgeous upholstered chair & ottoman) and went hunting to see if you had any updates.

I am extremely fond of bungalows, particularly from the 1920s. We owned a 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival in San Diego and had once been on the market for a 1930 Spanish Colonial kit house by Sears! Failed inspection miserably.

I cannot wait to see your home all put together. I love your color choices both in paints and fabrics. What a jewel of a home you're creating!

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Thanks, binsd! The very latest update is that I stopped into a local antique store yesterday, just because it was near where I was doing another errand, and bought three things: a bed, a hall tree, and a small bookcase for the bedroom. Bargains, I tell you, bargains! They're being delivered tomorrow, so after that I'll take another round of pics and try to give a sense of the whole living room and bedroom. The study is still very much a work in progress, because the rug is out for cleaning, computer cables are everywhere, and I haven't even started unpacking books.

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Oh, shoot, rafor, I completely forgot to answer your question about the bathroom fabric. It's "Khyber" in Aqua and I got it from Calico Corners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Khyber Aqua

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Thanks carinr. I noticed I had missed that info in a post higher up. I ordered a sample the other day and can't wait to see it in person. I want to redo my parent's bathroom and I think that will be great for the shower curtain and window. I'm also looking hard for a room to use that Chinese Orange in. It looks so great in your bathroom!

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LOVE the orange the orchid MBR. Actually--I'm pretty fond of the whole thing. Keep the pictures coming!

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Well, I may be up a creek without window fabric, but I found some fabulous new pieces for the bedroom and front hall. I stopped in at a local antique store and they had just gotten a new shipment, and so were eager to make deals on stuff already in stock to make room for the new stuff. I got this hall tree for my entryway:

The pic above was taken in the shop and shows the details pretty well. Here it is in my entryway, which I should say is in far from a finished state; I just shoved moving boxes out of the way to get this pic:

It's exactly the right size, though, and given my eclectic furniture, I was happy to find one that's neither too fussy nor too aggressively Mission. Since I don't have a lot of umbrellas to store in the umbrella stand part, I'm brewing clever ideas for hanging baskets in those umbrella openings to hold leashes, mittens, etc. (For those who were contributing to the thread about my entryway, I decided once the furniture was in that it didn't work well to have a divider between the "hall" and seating area. It made the room feel too chopped up. I'll just have to try to be tidy - but it will be good to be able to see this pretty piece from the couch.)

But wait - there's more! They had an absolutely gorgeous, dark wood, Deco-meets-Empire-style bed. Here it is in the blue bedroom, along with a small, Eastlake-style bookcase that just fits into the only unoccupied corner of the room:

(The blue rug isn't a permanent feature of the room; I just needed to put something down to give my extremely elderly dog some traction on the floor and I happened to have that bound remnant from the carpeting in my old house.)

I need to go get some pieces of lumber to help support the under-side of my box spring, since the bed doesn't have any cross-rails, but as soon as I do that I can make up the bed and make the room look less stark. Meanwhile, the hunt for window fabric continues, and living room pics, etc., will be coming soon!


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cyn427 (zone 7)

carin, I just went through this thread again because I remembered you chose such wonderful colors. I hadn't noticed before that you said the green was the BM full-spectrum paint. Did you get it in Chevy Chase? That is the only place nearby Alexandria that seems to sell it. I want to paint a basement (but above ground with two regular sized windows) bedroom with the full-spectrum paint. Thanks!!!

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Hi cyn427. Yes, it was the Monarch Paint store on Connecticut Ave. just below Chevy Chase Circle. I believe they're the only ones in the area carrying the BM FS line.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

That's what I thought. Thanks a bunch for the reply. Will be heading up there either this week or next! Doing the happy dance!

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