Ceiling color with SW Amazing Gray for Master Bedroom

kerrilyn7May 13, 2012

Hi everyone,

We just bought a new house and are selecting paint colors for every room. (Yikes!) Contractor needs colors ASAP. I am just about decided on everything except the ceiling color for our master BR. I've decided to do SW Amazing Gray; SW Comfort Gray in the adjoining bathroom; and SW Pure White for the trim.

I'm stumped on ceiling color. I want to do something more interesting than white, but since the room has 8' ceilings, I'm hesitant to do something too dark. Any ideas/pictures would be most appreciated!

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I would do Shoji White or Wordly gray, the two colors that are right above Amazing gray on the strip. Wordly Gray is really pretty.

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Verrrrrry pale goldish yellow?

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Thanks, catkin and positano! I went with Shoji White...will post pictures when it's done. Thanks again!

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