RECIPE: Teresa, I made your English Muffin Bread recipe...

shamboOctober 27, 2008

and my husband loves it! I've seen similar English Muffin Bread recipes before, but ignored them for some reason. However, a few days ago I wanted some fresh bread AND was feeling pretty lazy. So I thought, "Why not re-visit the whole batter bread technique again?" I remembered you had posted the recipe, so I looked it up and gave it a try.

I told my husband that we had to wait for it to completely cool so we could make toast out of it. That was actually the hardest part. Anyhow, he's been enjoying the bread for breakfast for the last couple of days, and every time he eats it, he tells me how good it is. Who knew? Here I slave away -- with sponges, pre-ferments, poolishes, or whatever you want to call them -- to make artisan type breads, and he really likes this very simple bread.

Thanks for the recipe.

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It is just about the simplest bread recipe that I know of and one I always advise bread baking newbies to try. I'm glad you both enjoy it!


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Recipe please!!!

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Here's the thread where the recipe appeared. There are some other good sounding recipes too.

Here is a link that might be useful: English Muffin Bread Recipe in this thread

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I must have done something wrong, as I made this recipe (halved) last night, and wound up with a brick. No nooks and crannies -- it barely rose after an hour and a half, when I finally put it in the oven. I know the liquid wasn't too hot to kill the yeast, as I checked that before putting the yeast in... It did turn out more like a dough than like a batter though, so perhaps I used too much flour somehow?

Shambo -- what was the texture of your loaf? Was it dense or were there lots of bubbly air pockets?


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Emily, I'm sorry you had trouble. I think that too much flour might have been the problem. I know the recipe calls for 6 cups of flour, but whenever I make any kind of bread, I always hold back at least 1 or more cups. I only add more flour if I think the mixture is too, too wet.

I forgot that I kind-of ran into the same problem you're describing. Even at the five cup stage, the flour mixture seemed more like a kneading dough than a batter. So I remember (now) adding about 1/4 -1/3 cup additional water to make it more batter-like.

When I got the batter into the pans, I was so worried about over-proofing the dough. I didn't want to pop the pans into a hot oven and then watch the bread deflate. So I think I could have let the dough rise in the pans longer.

I'm sorry you had trouble. Forgive me for not mentioning anything. This old gray mare's brain ain't what it used to be. I need to make a note on my copy of the recipe too or else the next time I make it, who knows what I'll remember. I hope you'll try the bread again. It really did turn out well. My biggest problem right now is that my husband keeps wanting to have "toast" snacks.

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Emily, I'm not sure you can "half" a recipe that is yeast driven. I think there is some magic deal with the percentage of yeast to flour, etc.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I made it today and it was good. About what I expected. At least I ate three slices immediately - and untoasted! I expect I will enjoy it toasted in the morning and will make it again as it was simplicity itself.
Froze a loaf for another time, too.
I think I would like it better if I refrigerated the batter over night before baking- just to squeeze in more flavor. But the beauty of this bread was the fastness of the prep, rise and bake time.

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I think this bread recipe could be halved easy has two packages of yeast in it, so just use one package of yeast and strictly halve everything else. It is a batter bread, so you don't knead it, remember. It needs to be pourable into the loaf pan(s).


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I've been making this for years and always make the two I use for toast and the second I process for bread crumbs and keep them in the freezer. They make the best breadcrumbs for casserole topping and now I even have to make extras for a friend that I got hooked on this bread.

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Oooh -- wait, I think I realized where I went wrong. When I read teresa's note I realized that I think when I wrote down the recipe from the website I may have written two TEASPOONS of yeast (instead of two packages) such that when I halved the recipe I may have only used one teaspoon instead of a whole packet! I will try this again, also with less flour, since regardless of the yeast it was definitely not a batter -- much more like a dough...


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