Wood/Faux Wood Blinds

djsawMay 21, 2011

I am looking to get some wood or faux wood blinds and I was wondering how well they let light in. I currently have bamboo blinds and love them except the privacy issue. The privacy liner I have on it fell off at least 1x per week because the sun would melt the glue. I got pissed and sewed the liner to the blinds and now it is sagging and crooked. It looks absolutely horrible. Plus it is a magnet for cat hair and I can't take the liner down to wash because I sewed it on.

What I would like is some blinds that let enough light in during the day that I don't have to use electricity yet still give me privacy, my house is set 30ish feet from the road. I've tried roman shades but they made the room to dark. I'm really regretting getting rid of my crappy metal blinds so I am wondering if wood blinds would do the same as the metal ones or do they block out more light.

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I love my faux white wood blinds. Bought them at Jcpenney at a great price. Used them for whole house. I twist the stick and keep them open all day (not pulled). This allows me to have all light and outside view visible. By night I just close them on my bedroom windows or whatever room I need. custom was too expensive and these have held up beautifully and look great. Only negative is the dust collects on them as with any blind. Good luck

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Thank you blondie2007 I didn't realize JCP carried them and they are currently on sale for half the price of Lowe's. I can deal with dust I can't deal with having to take them down every week to reglue or readjust liners.

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I have both wood and the faux wood - I prefer the faux wood because they are easier to dust than the real wood (at least for me they are.) I also bought mine through JCPenney.

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We have JCP wood blinds, and they're excellent! They're on every room in the house.

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I have wood blinds and love them. We bought them from selectblinds.com. We used this company for our last house too and I love them! I compared prices to Blinds-to-go, and some styles were less than half the cost. My only tips would be:
- Request samples, because nothing looks right on the computer (they'll send you a ton of samples).
- Measure, and measure again, before placing the order. Since they're custom you get what you ask for.
- Remember to use the 30% off coupon code (it is always there, even though it says that it will expire tomorrow).
- Some styles go on sale for buy 3, get 1 free.
- Don't hesitate to call them. They were always really nice and helpful whenever I called.

I have the 2" Designer basswood blinds, but have had their cellular shades too.

And no, I don't work for Select Blinds. :) I tell everyone about them since I have had such good experiences with them.

Good luck!

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We put wood blinds in our new master bedroom renovation and love them. They do a great job keeping the room dark but also let alot of light in when one wants it. The slats are wider than traditional metal ones. I feel they are timeless and am very happy with the look.

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Thanks for this topic on blinds.Currently, I have 1" aluminum horizontal mini blinds (inside mount). I would like to update to the 2" wood blinds, but my double-hung windows are not set deep enough to keep the inside mount. My only option would be an outside mount. This would cover the window trim. How do you think this would look?

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djsaw - I have 1" JC Penny basswood white blinds on all my windows and I get extremely good light when in the "open" position. I feel that because they are 1" instead of the 2", there is less bulk on the windows, thus allowing more light to filter in. The clear tilt wand works great to open and close. I have had these blinds up for 4 years and they still look like new. The White Silk matched my White Dove trim paint perfectly.

Ratherbesewing - Like you, I have double-hung all wood windows with very little recession, but the 1" wood mounted great. There was a little variance in the depth of some of my windows (old house, replacements made over time, etc). Some probably didn't even have a full 1" recession. On one I remember we were only able to put screws in the two back holes instead of all four on the mounted holders, but you can't tell it. If you have 1" aluminum blinds mounted inside, these definitly will work nicely.


Here is a link that might be useful: JCP 1 inch blinds

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Ours are also the 1" JCP basswood because our windows are not deep enough for 2".

I've had them for almost 5 years.

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I purchased mine at Home Depot. They were less expensive than Lowes. They also cut them to size if needed at no extra cost.

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I finally finished putting the last of my 2" faux blinds up last weekend. I love them. They are so much nicer than the metal or plastic mini blinds that I had before. They do really well with blocking light when closed. I tend to keep most of them closed just for the extra efficiency.

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We have the 2 inch wood blinds on every room in the first floor. We were fortunate enough that the previous owners put them in. Love them! Yes, they get dusty, but all window treatments do. We have them outside mounted and I think they look fine.

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