Realtors: how would you react?

weedyacresJuly 24, 2012

Realtors: If someone called you up and said "I've got my home listed by owner with a 3% commission offered to the buyer's agent, and I'd like to invite you for a personal preview so you can see if it would be suitable for one of your buyers" would you:

1. Hang up on the stinking sales pitch

2. Roll your eyes at the stupid FSBO-er and politely decline

3. Ask them a few questions to see if it's something one of your buyers is looking for, and only go if it's a potential fit.

4. Ask them questions and keep notes in case it's a potential in the future, but decline the personal tour.

5. See it as an opportunity to sell them on listing with you and accept.

6. Turn it around and give them a sales pitch to list with you. If you sense potential, then accept the tour.

7. Other (please specify)

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Currently we have more properties on the market than in our lifetimes. When I run into FSBOs, I do take mental note. If any of my clients are unable to locate the right home for themselves, I will then consider sending the FSBO owner a Commission Agreement Form. But in this market, most buyers are going to find what they want, so there is no need to deal with a homeowner directly.
For agents that are truly busy with buyers, they do not have time to go for personal previews of a particular property.
I suppose #4 comes closest to what my reaction would be.

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I'd go see it. You never know.

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Sophie Wheeler

Turn it around. How would you feel if a realtor called you the FSBOer to set up a personal appointment to talk to you about using them to sell your house?

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Hollysprings: I was actually expecting that more of them would. And I wouldn't have minded at all, because I'd figure it would give the house more exposure and also help them see that we weren't what some people stereotype FSBO sellers to be. I would hear them out, because I have this gigantic unanswered question of "how can you help sell my house faster than I can?" Other than putting it in the MLS, for which $15K seeks a mighty high price tag, I'd like to hear what they think they can do.

But no one has stopped by. The realtor who helped us buy the house has emailed a couple times saying she will, but never has. And another agent called up saying she wanted to see it, but never followed up either.

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I would ask the seller to email me a flyer and hope that it had the information that I needed to see if It met any buyers' requirements. If it did, I would probably preview it, really. Not a listing pitch.
Inventory here in my part of Florida is so low, buyers are very frustrated and Realtors are worried about the banks handling all their shadow listings.

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Hollysprings in your scenario every seller is "using" the realtor to sell their house. The FSBO is offering 3% commission, that is high in my area.

In many areas there is not a surplus of houses already on the market, never hurts to have one more option in your pocket.

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I'd tell the FSBO if I have a buyer interested in that neighborhood, I'll drive by with the buyer and if there was an interest I'd make an appointment.
Without an interested buyer I don't waste my time.

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