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tad0422July 17, 2014

Greetings GW.

You can view our listing here:

Our market is the very hip and sought after East Nashville. We bought a new construction home in the zip code (37216) next to the super hot East Nashville one (37206) about 2 years ago that we got at a great price after much haggling with a struggling builder.

So now we are trying to take advantage that the hot zip code is pretty much maxed out and is now spilling into our zip code. Since we are on the border, new construction is popping up everywhere and going for 250k to 500k depending on size and lot.

We are holding our first open house this Saturday and Sunday. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zilliow Listing

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Overall I like it. Clean. Cute. Simple. Uncluttered. Just some minor nit picky things.

Outside - sweep the patio, rake the gravel, rake the yard, put away the sprinkler, and get rid of the light strands.

All the interior photos look dark. You can get a construction spotlight at Home Depot for about $10. Use that behind the camera to help illuminate the rooms if necessary.

I would retake the bathroom and kitchen photos without all the stuff on the counters. Out the stuff in a box, take the photo, then put the stuff back on the counters. Hide the toothbrushes for showings. And in the kitchen, if your going to have a domed cake plate on the counter, you should have cake in it!

All the bedrooms - take a minute to flatten out the bedding before taking pictures. And add some more pillows. Even if you take the pillows from one bed and hide under the comforter to make the actual pillows have more volume. Or reuse the throw pillows from the zig zag couch for the photos.

The walk in master closet is messy.

Good luck.

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Well, let's see...Paint the blue accent wall the same color as the rest of the living area. It doesn't look right. Can I ask you, what do you have against shears or curtains/drapery on windows? With the exception of the kitchen windows you need to put up some. Matching curtains and hardware in the living room and curtains or shears in the bedrooms. Remove the items next to the coffee maker and put away. Same with the sponge holder next to the kitchen sink. Replace glass cake stand with a bowl of fresh fruit or fresh flowers in a vase. Take down the strings of lights in the back yard. Does not look nice. Sweep and wash down the sidewalk and patio area. Roll up hose and sprinkler and put away in shed. Maybe buy inexpensive pillows for the chairs in the patio for a bit of color. Your bedrooms are very stark looking. Maybe add a few things to the walls or a nice mirror over the chest of drawers in the master. I would not leave out my personal toothbrush and toothpaste during a showing stow it away. That is what I see from quickly looking at the photos. Good luck with the OH. NancyLouise

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I pretty much agree on all points. I spent a good amount of my time arguing with the wife about the tooth brushes but she refused to have them put away.

Going to de-clutter the walk-in closet some more and retake the photos before the open house.

As for the outdoor string lights, they are pretty much a permanent piece of the backyard. They CAN be removed but are such a pain to get back up and we think they are beautiful at night lit up.


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Remove all the clutter form the counters but look at some pictures on Houzz on styled bathrooms/kitchens.
Add some flower pots with annuals next to the entry walkway and the patio.
Open the umbrella, pull the grill close; set up the patio, so that it looks ready for entertaining.
I don't mind the string lights. In fact, I would take a picture at night of the backyard with the lights on and some candles.
What's that round thing next to the entry table? Remove it.
Retake the bedroom pictures and style the rooms a bit.
I'd roll up some towels and put in the bathroom storage, or add baskets.
Remove the floor mat from the bathroom

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I think it looks great. The only thing I would change is the backyard string lights and put the toothbrushes away. The interior of the house is easily seen and clean. You still live there, it's okay to have your things there!

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Your wife argued about including toothbrushes in photos??? That makes no sense. I understand thinking that it doesn't matter, but refusing to put them away????

Anyway, I don't use listing photos to micro-analyze whether I'll buy a house, I just eliminate looking if there are any deal-breakers for me. I see no deal-breakers in your house. General impression is clean and well-maintained, which is what will make buyers want to look more closely.

When you have a showing you should hide things like toothbrushes, laundry baskets, trash cans, etc. Doesn't matter that you need them in your living, you don't want those things distracting the buyers.

I would spiff up the yard, though, and take a dusk photo with the string lights on.

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She wasn't arguing about including them in the pictures so much as she was about me removing them. For all purposes going forward they will be. Period.

I need to remember to take a night photo with our lights. They look amazing at night.

Thanks all for the input.

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It is a nice looking house. Neat and not cluttered. I don't agree about curtains. The open windows make the rooms seem more spacious. The suggestions for staging that people have mentioned will help show the house at its best and help with a quicker sale.

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I think at the very least mini blinds. I would feel like imam in a fish bowl , since you do have neighbors all around you.

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It looks like the windows have horizontal blinds that have been pulled up, no need for anything more IMO.

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I can't figure out from the final photo - the street view - which of the three houses in the photo is yours? It's not the one on the right with the trees and carport. The house on the left - the windows don't match up with your first picture. Is it the one in the back, partially obscured by the telephone pole? If that's it, then I would remove that photo. It's not doing you any favors.

As others have said, your photos could be better posed and taken but if the open house goes well, you won't have to worry about that. It looks like the house will show well, in my non-expert opinion.

What is striking to me - and none of my concern - is that you have no lamps in your house!

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The Google street view photos are automatically done by Zillow and I don't think there is anyway to change them.

Yes all of our windows, accept the one over the kitchen sink, have blinds.

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I don't know that I'd ever post one of my listings here only because the advice can be overwhelming and conflicting. That being said, even if you put this online today even without tweaking, it's clean, uncluttered and it should surely attract potential buyers if you priced it well.

My advice is to always clean up and stage a patio area for entertaining--too many people neglect that part. I agree with the light situation. A dusk picture may not be a bad idea. I have a feeling they probably do look fine in person, but in these photos, they appear to be random, with no real organization. The toothbrush thing--at least remove them for the photos. I'd remove them period, but that's me. Toothbrushes have a little bit of an "ick" factor (for me, at least) and just plain mar the view in an otherwise nice bathroom.

I always check listings online to stay on top of our market and your photos look much better than the vast majority I see. I'd just tweak a few things and stage that patio just as you would spend time staging your living room and you will have a really sweet listing!

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Good point about the patio, I will make sure to focus on that for the open house this weekend.

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If your potential buyer is "hip" and youngish, look at some pictures on West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn, IKEA, Crate and Barrel.

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Hi, my husband & I bought a house in "hot 37206" way before it was hot--back in 1982. Lived there 26 years & sold in 2008 when we retired. oh my, the changes we saw over the years, & yes we were proud to be part of it. $42,000 for our Victorian house back in 1982 & some of our friends were scared to come visit.

I understand things have changed even more since we were last there--yes, I would think you are in a great area for a sale & should get your price.

I do agree with all that previous posters have said about staging/fixing up for open house & photos. Especially the patio area--people do love those outdoor spaces.

Good luck with your open house! Will look forward to reading about how it went...

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I have heard stories from people of back then. Like the cops wouldn't even go there it was so bad.

Well I am happy the area has improved so much and we would love to stay but we are preparing to take in my wife's parents if need be. We also have my wife's semi-disabled brother living with us now and she is getting baby crazy so what we need soon is space.

I am going to miss being so close to everything there. :(

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Take at least half the clothing out of the master closet to make it look more spacious.

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