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michele0901April 16, 2013

We are in the design stages of our kitchen remodel. We've picked out the appliances and are decideing on a sink. We really like the Franke Orca for it's size and beauty. When we mentioned it to our KD, he had this response:

"That Franke is a beautiful sink, but I want to pass on to you what I was told by a plumbing showroom manager the other day. He explained how with most stainless you can easily maintain the finish by occasionally rubbing out marks and water spots with a scotch-brite pad... He told me that the way the Franke sinks are machine polished in the factory, you will never be able to touch up the finish by hand... This is the first I've heard of this, but it might be a consideration."

Have any of you had this issue with Franke sinks?

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I have a Franke sink and it doesn't have any water spots. At the end of the day, I wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth and that is all the maintenance I do. The finish still looks lovely. All stainless sinks will develop scratches over time if they get any use at all, but grids are available to help to prevent some wear and tear. Franke's care instructions say that a scotch brite pad can be used along with a stainless cleaner for buffing out imperfections. You can view the care instructions for the various brands online and see that Franke's instructions are pretty much the same as the others (Blanco, for instance).

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I'll say up front I have no idea if that's true or not. But that doesn't sound right. And I haven't seen any of the Franke owners (I know several people have the Orca specifically) post on the sink threads about having that issue.

I will also add there are many posts on the assorted GW forums about salespeople making false claims about products they don't sell or outright lying about stuff because they are not familiar with it (or get a better margin on something else). The stuff I heard shopping for my cork was ridiculous. If I hadn't done a ton of research I would have probably changed my mind, but it was clear from the start I knew more than any of the people I spoke with (sadly).

You now have evidence that that statement is not true. I'd make a point to let the KD know that spreading rumors is inappropriate and unprofessional. If this were an introductory meeting, she would have lost my business at that point. It's her field of expertise. She should have at least asked around to see if other dealers or KDs have had that issue. What if that was something that applied to their sinks 10 years ago, but was changed 8 years ago?

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Our KD heard this from the store manager of a reputable store that sells Franke, along with Julien and other sink manufacturers. He spent a long time explaining this tommy KD and client. My KD was surprised too, since he never heard about this before. He was just passing on the info to us as an FYI.

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If you really want to know about a product, do the research yourself and don't rely on heresay from a KD or a salesman or a sales manager. Better yet, go down to the store and ask for a demonstration. I can't even count the times I've been given inaccurate or flat out false information by sales people.

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That is not my experience with my three year old Franke sink. I use barkeeper's friend on a spounge to clean it. Once a week or twice a month I spray it with a concoction (water, alcohol, lavender oil) and wipe with a micro fiber cloth. No scrathes, no water marks, and--no noise. It is a quiet sink that looks beautiful.

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Michele, I've had my Franke Orca sink for 1 1/2 years, and it still looks as gorgeous as the day it was put in. I live alone and prefer to wash my dishes by hand so the sink gets a good workout. Also, our water here in Houston is extemely hard. The grids prevent scratches. At the end of each day, the grids are removed, the sink washed with soap and water using a microfiber cloth, rinsed and towel dried. This easy routine keeps the sink gleaming, free of permanent water spots and chemical build-up. It's been surprising that Franke SS polish hasn't been needed yet. I say go for it and enjoy your beautiful sink.

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That plumbing showroom manager is spouting hooey. First, all stainless steel sinks scratch, regardless if you buy a no-name $120 sink, or a Franke, Blanco, Elkay, or other major manufacturer, or even a custom-made 14-gauge sink. Secondly, water marks come out with a sponge and a drying cloth like a paper towel or micro fiber. Why on earth would you use a scotch-brite to get out a water mark. To reduce scratches, you can get a sink with a grid, but it won't prevent scratches 100%; you will still get some scratches.

Speaking of scotch-brites, I would never use one on ANY stainless steel sink - you will be damaging it. If you want to clean your sink, use Bar Keepers Friend. If you want to be able to remove a scratch, will you be doing that also for the next scratch and the next and the next? Better to accept that the scratches will blend into a patina after a while and you won't notice them. Or, if a person feels that scratches will bother him/her to the extent that they will want to be removing them all the time, better to choose another sink material.

Regardless of whether the stainless steel sink is Franke or another brand's, an abrasive pad will leave a residue of small, even microscopic, metal particles. That will lead to rusting and corrosion of the sink.

If you love the Franke sink, get it, but don't expect it to be scratch-free, or think that another brand's stainless steel sink's finish will be able to become scratch-free with scotch-brite pads.

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I had a Franke sink for the past 3 years. Lets just say I am not as fastidious as some of the previous posters. I never had water spots(or any other spot) that didn't come out with a sponge. I did buy the Franke stainless polish.. I think it's called Inox(or something like that). Wipe it on... wait 5 minutes and wipe it off. The sink looks absolutely gorgeous brand new. My next sink will be a Franke Orca.

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