Anyone have a Moen Level faucet?

aiallegaApril 2, 2013

I need help again. From a previous thread I decided on the Delta Trinsic. Now after seeing it in the store, it is way too big for my very small kitchen. I have not been able to find a Level in any store to compare the two. I would like a faucet that I can put the lever in the front because of backsplash and window sill issues.
I am open to all thoughts and recommendations. The windowsill is 7" above the counter and I actually have a slightly carved out area in the sill to accomodate my present faucet, a Moen Extensa. Faucet shopping should not be so stressful! Thank you for any help.

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My parents have one and they like it. It's works great. I also have a Moen faucet, but it's the Annebelle. I'm a big fan of Moen. Mine is the spot resistant, which I love.

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My Moen Arbor pull-down can have the handle put any way you want. Mine is at 45 degrees, or you can have it straight front. I had the same problem with the backsplash and window sill. It looks like the Level is just a more contemporary style of the same faucet, so it should work for you. If you're wondering about how it is to use, I love mine. It has all the features I wanted - spray hold, a pause button, automatic reseating of the spray head from the Reflex technology.

I have a small 8x15 galley kitchen, and I don't find the Arbor too big. But I thought most of the pull-downs were about the same size. The Level is 15 15/32" high and the Trinsic is 15 11/16" high, so not much difference.

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I have a Moen level faucet. I have been very happy with it. The only problem is that the "weight" which helps pull the pull-out down is loose, but this might have been caused because plumbing is a bit in the way under the sink so it keeps hitting the pipe.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I was worried that the Level would be too modern for my traditional kitchen but it looks great in itsallaboutthefood's beautiful kitchen. I like the Arbor, too. At least I have it narrowed down to two! Thanks again.

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One more question...are you happy with the stainless finish or should I go with the chrome?

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Thanks for the compliment despite the unfinished kitchen picture staged with the plastic pink kid's cups and pitcher and stickers on the window! We are not shiny finish would never do for us. I am very happy with the brushed nickle finish we have on the faucet.

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Just ordered the Level in the brushed finish. Thanks everyone for the help.

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