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homeimprovementmomApril 7, 2013

We live in NYC. Our to be remodled kitchen faces West - 2 windows in the Kitch. For once in our 24 yrs. here, we will have AC in the kitchen. It gets pretty hot in the box otherwise when the sunsets and beams in rays.
We would like a modern looking kitchen. I am uploading photos of current Kitch. which is a galley kitchen: a skinny rectangle.
We will be expanding the kitchen: taking out the little room behind the tile parrots and down the hall to Jackie O. The window faces west.
The kids' drawings face east.
Along the eastern wall will be the refrig. cabinets, under counter wine cooler and washer/dryer, counter space.
Facing south - (hanging pots) will be a cooker(I have a dream about this) The wall currently coming down that hosts the stove top will be pushed back and long cabients with storage systems are planned to go in.

We like a high gloss, almost glass looking cabinet look. We are being shown wood (mdf?0 that is painted super high gloss, Plain and Fancy, Leicht, and various other cabinetry.
We are unsure of what will work best in terms of design and function. It will get warm in the kitchen - I cook and even with the airconditioning on, which will be for the hotttest days as we don't favour it too much,
what cabinets do well with different temps. and I am concerned about hinges - I don't want the doors of the cabinets to need constant fiddling to hold the weight of the door.

We also want some kind of intelligent storage system.
We will be replacing the Spanish Terra C. tile on the floor possibly with white and grey honed marble. The counter tops will be white - CStone, etc. not butcher block again.
If you have installed modern cabinets, have a storage system that works well for you, have the inclination and passion to share your experiences, I would really, really appreciate it. It took YEARS to get the dh to agree to a kitchen redo and I want to do the very best I can to make it work for me and out fam. It won't happen again til like Halley's comet passes by. xthank you xoxoxo

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I seem to be able to ony load 1 photo per post. sorry for this. The wall behind the refrig is coming down. the kitchen will be expanded and opened up to Jackie O.

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I hope this comes through now

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Sophie Wheeler

Do you have a measured drawing of the space as it exists now, as well as one of the changes that you propose?

BTW, I saw your post in the Cooking Forum about putting a traditional Aga in that tiny little space. Not only would it completely overwhelm the space, and completely overwhelm the new AC, but it would take at least 30K worth of renovations to the building to be able to support it's weight and keep the heat in your apartment and not your neighbors. I doubt seriously that any building management team would allow that. They don't even allow real venting to the exterior in most NYC apartments.

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Just some initial thoughts:

Cabinets: you need to think about whether you want framed or frameless cabinets. I think the ones you've been looking at are all framed, but frameless might be a better choice in your small space. I linked one of the (many) threads on this below. Also, your hinge concern shouldn't be an issue on any cabinet you choose.

Photos: if you are using photos from your computer, you can only show one per post by using the "Image file to upload" at the top of the message box. You can get around this by posting multiple posts, each with one photo each. Eventually you'll want to open a PhotoBucket account or another photo site account to store your (at least) kitchen related photos. When you do that, you can click on the "html code" provided by them which copies it so you can paste it into your message box. This way you can post multiple photos into the same message box.

Timing: Do not rush this project! Every moment you spend in research and reflection will pay off in spades beginning on demo day. Your #1 item at this point is layout for function. I'm guessing you have a KD on the case, but post here anyway to get feedback. It's amazing what people here have to offer on how you can improve on what you have from big to small stuff. Have you thought about where you're going to keep your paper towels? Spices? Large pots? Bread? Have you considered a DW drawer vs a full size DW? Use of inside corners? Other options for flooring? I know there are other NYC apt. folks who may have very helpful suggestions for a kitchen specific to NYC issues.

Hey! Congratulations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Framed vs. Frameless

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Just a question: What does this mean?

"down the hall to Jackie O"

Maybe this is a local usage which is obvious to NYC folks?

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Read the "new to kitchens..." thread posted by buehl. It will tell you how to post more than one photo.

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