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tbo123April 21, 2014

Does anyone paint their cabs just "White" ??

I mean, not 'simply white' or 'dove white' or 'chantily lace' or 'cloud white', or any other 'sort of' white. But just White like it says on the can.

I've had my brain focused on Simply white just cause I thought it would be, well, simple. but all I see is yellow. I just want white.

Did you do plain old "WHITE" out of the can and are you happy with it?
Wished you'd gone 'early colonial wedding dress white'?
Can you sleep at night with your terrible decision?

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I did with my bathroom cabinets at my last house.
It was a small room and I wanted stark, bright white. I didn't regret it.

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I don't think there is any such animal as "just white" paint. Still have to do the legwork and bring home paint chips and possibly samples.

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Kind of.... Sorry, kind of a terrible answer! I had my paint tinted to match an out of the can white from another company. It came out a bit more yellow than I'd hoped - but I still really like it.

My whole house (minus a couple rooms) I'm somewhat pained to admit is either straight out of the can white (two rooms) and - by choice - primer! This is four rooms. The custom white that is based on the out of the can white is almost a dead ringer for my primer.

I had the same issue that you had. Simply white seemed like what I wanted by on my walls it was very yellow. I tried snowfall white which is a similar color and it read peach. Every color I tried really screamed of its undertones on my walls. So, my decision was to try to avoid those undertones and go with out of the can. This can be an issue when it comes to needing different formulas. When I wanted wall color to match the same pigments in BM aura looked kinda pinkish.

I agree with green haven though. You still have to pick which one. Some out of the can colors are cooler and some warmer but I've not seen any undertones really scream out from the out of the can colors I've tried.

I hope that helps!

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My trim is plain old Valspar white off the shelf. Semi-gloss ultra white to be exact.

I have Valspar Betsy's Linen (a white) on the walls. I was going crazy to try to get something for the trim and decided to just get the can off the shelf. No regrets.

And I picked Valspar because that was the white (Betsy's Linen) that I liked the best. I didn't want to risk a not close color match in a higher quality paint. I've been quite pleased with how the Valspar went on and how it has held up. Most of the rest of my house is painted with Ellen Kennon paints.

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Have you looked at Behr Ultra Pure White? I used it for trim and bookshelves in DH's office. It is bright and lovely. I used BM Chantilly Lace throughout the rest of the house on trim and doors. It is a bit softer and goes well with the other colors I've used elsewhere. I planned on using the Ultra Pure White but was advised by both my interior designer and cabinet maker to warm up the trim a bit. Still love the UPW, but am pleased with the CL in our new open concept space. Good luck!

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Not cabinets, but all my ceilings are BM white. I painted all my trim super white, b/c I wanted them to be really bright white, but after I'd already started the BM salesperson informed me that white was actually the whitest white........ who knew.

Sorry, after reading, this probably doesn't help at all. :)

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Pure white is very...well, white! LOL If your other colors will go well with a clear white, then I say go for it! :)

If you need a softer white, then you might want to look at those. There are 'soft' whites out there, but there are also a lot of off-white, off-yellow and off-gray shades....

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Thanks guys and gals.

Yea, I like straight out of the can white for trim work. I guess I think the kitchen (very small) cabs are more important or something and need some kind of designer white or something extra special. LOL..

I've tried the Behr Ultra white and do like the color but I don't particularly want to use Behr paint on my cabs (that I'm building).

I've been using the BM Advance paint. The straight white is more towards a blueish/grey white than the Behr. The Behr is very neutral I think.

Thing is, I look at all the photos here and all the other kitchen places. They mention paint colors such as 'simply white' etc, but they all just look white.... Yea, I know, it's pictures on the internet. Just trying to make a decision.

I painted the backs of all my doors with simply white and stick them in the kitchen up against my old white formica cabs and all I see is yellow. Then I go to Home Depot and there are never any "white" kitchens. More beige or yellowy, antique white.

Yea, I'm not talking about walls and ceilings here. Thanks though.

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FWIW, I used the Behr Ultra Pure White on my bathroom cabinets and all the trim in my last house and it looked great and held up very well.

I have read that Donald Kaufman paint has the purest of pure whites and it is a high end paint.

Here is a link that might be useful: Donald Kaufman

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If you like the Behr UPW why don't you get BM to color match it? Lots of the places have each other's formula in their computers. Or you paint a swatch on some spare wood and have them match that with their camera/computer. You can paint it right next to make sure that it matches. Or buy a quart to test it out before committing.

My friend was replacing louver built in cabinet doors with shaker style and had Sherwin Williams color match the off white off of the inside of the old doors (painted by previous owner). It looks great and matches the rest of her cabinet and trim.

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"I've tried the Behr Ultra white and do like the color but I don't particularly want to use Behr paint on my cabs (that I'm building).

I've been using the BM Advance paint. The straight white is more towards a blueish/grey white than the Behr. The Behr is very neutral I think."

LOLOL! See, there ya go! No such thing as straight-out-of-the-can white. ;o) When we start having to talk about color-matching whites then you might as well go the extra step to choose something with undertones that really complement your cabinets.

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I don't know how it will look in BM Advance, but BM's Super White is as pure a white as they come in BM paints. We had had most of upstairs painted in BM White (01) when we reno'd our kitchen 7 years ago (Regal Velvet--?, eggshell finish). The color always seemed to have a "cold" brittle quality to it, and the finish or paint itself didn't seem to be holding up too well, either. We repainted using Super White, in BM Aura, matte finish (satin finish on the base molding), and like it much better (we used it on all our ceilings throughout the house, too). The color, despite being a bright, almost stark white on the chip, gives our walls (and home) a warmer look and feel than the White (01) did. Yet, it truly has no undertones that we can tell (and I see yellow, pink, every other "white" that BM offers).

I know this won't apply for your application, but we really love the matte finish, too. Almost velvety.

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I use BM super white, a bright pure white in all my rooms. Long ago I had different shades for various rooms and when needed to touch up a spot or two, I would screw up using the wrong white. No mistakes since. I also like a modern look with color from artwork so I am happy about that. Yes, shaded whites are used for art backgrounds. I just happen to like this pure white. Super white looks great in my kitchen.

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House we are in now.... We did white straight out of the can. It was great, nice and a crisp white... Until I noticed that it was whiter than my window in the bathroom. Now I notice it every time I walk in. So for the new house I got the paint close... Really close to matching the windows. It's really between the window color (pure white SW) and the sink color. Ended up choosing SW snowbound and am thrilled.

I agonized over white. Mainly because of the stupid bath mismatch.


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