RECIPE: A Special Yeast Coffee Cake Recipe

bcskyeOctober 31, 2009

Back in the '60's there was a little German owned bakery at 21st and Ritter on the eastside of Indianapolis, IN. We lived about 2 blocks from it and my mother worked there for a while. She would sometimes bring home a coffee cake, similar to a sweetheart or alligator style (yeast)that was cut in half horizontally and filled with a white cream. It wasn't a true whipped cream, but it wasn't a buttercream or a custard. I really do want to make one, but can't find a recipe that seems to be the cream filling. The bakery is long gone and so is mom and I can't remember the owner's name. I've tried internet searches and have gotten no where. Is there anyone on here that might have any idea of what this might have been called or of a recipe that might fit this?

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Maybe Pastry Cream?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pastry Cream

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Google "Bee Sting Cake"..........I think that is what you are looking is wonderful. We used to buy it when we lived in Germany.

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Ginger, it isn't that pastry cream, but I appreciate you sending me a link.

Roselin32, the filling for the Bee Sting Cake might be the right one. I'm going to try a batch tomorrow. The coffee cake was more like a giant yeast danish rather than a cake. Thank you for suggesting I check the Bee Sting Cake.

This afternoon my kid sister said she remembered the name of the bakery, Tom's Pastry, and I then I remembered that was the owner's name. Who would have thought a German with a thick accent named Tom. Anyway, she remembered the cream puffs had a cream filling that wasn't whipped cream, but not a custard or a pudding. She said she had a recipe similar at one time, but can't find it. Eeesh!

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I have a recipe in my file that I have marked "a good sub. for whipped cream". A friend gave me this recipe a long time ago:

Cook until thick, cool & set aside: 3 t flour + 1/2 cup milk
Whip together: 1/2 cup sugar + 1/4 lb. oleo, Crisco or butter

Add first mixture to second and continue to whip.
Add vanilla, to taste.

This recipe can also be used to frost a cake.
Could this be something like what you are looking for?

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Hi, lisbet! I don't know if that is it or not. I will definitely give it a try. I'm assuming that the 1/2 sugar is confectioners/powdered sugar, right? Thank you.

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It has been a long while ago that I needed to use this recipe. If I remember right, I used regular sugar. It turned out very well for me....don't remember it being the least bit grainy at all.

Try super-fine sugar, which you can make yourself by running regular sugar through a blender.

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I'll bet you are looking for a recipe for BARVARIAN Cream.
It is much richer than plain whipped cream but not as thick
and heavy as pudding.

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