Book Shelf Quilt???

amazingcmJuly 19, 2007

Hey Nina! how did DH like his Anniversary Present? Was it a surprise... What are you working on now? I have been gone and am way behind on the forum but what I have read so far is pretty boring... I think this forum needs a good ol' game of Strip Poker with Margaritta's. grace

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We could TOTALLY use some strippin' and some 'ritas right about now. :D I second that!

I loved that bookshelf quilt, and really want to make one some day. I'll get around to it...but yes, how did it go over?

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Grace & Anjea -
That is just so funny that you would ask today. IÂm just finishing putting a hanging sleeve on it. I took a break to give my raw finger a rest and saw your post!

DH LOVES it! The morning of our anniversary we were sitting in our little camper and I pulled it out of a cupboard (all wrapped with a bow). He was so surprised I could hide it in there. When he opened it he even got a little tear in one eye. HeÂs been emailing the quilt top photo to our friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who gave me their input on quilting ideas. The long-arm quilter that I have used does not stitch in the ditch. I was in a crunch to get it quilted, and didnÂt want to look for someone else in fear of him finding out. I went with all over stippling in a neutral thread color. So the quilting is secondary, it doesnÂt add or take away from the quilt.

I wasnÂt sure if DH would want to use it or hang it. IÂm flattered that he wants to hang it. DH has a masters in art. He taught college art for 35+ years, and my quilt just bumped Cy Twombly off that wall.

Thanks for asking!


IÂm ready for some strip poker, even if I did "lose my shirt" at the retreat, LOL.

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I was also wondering if he had gotten his surprise quilt yet. And does it ever look good hanging there with all the real books! Love it!

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My DD LOVES to read an I think this would be right up her alley. Can you tell me where you got the pattern? I was thinking I could put the titles of some of her favorite books on the edges.

Her favorite T-shirt says:
My best friends are fictional!

Thanks for sharing the picture of your quilt, your husband is a blessed man.


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Oh my gosh that looks like it is just an extention of your bookcase. How could he not love it... I am going to start on mine soon as I get caught up around here from being gone so long... I did come home to a clean house... My DH is a keeper.. grace

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The quilt looks very realistic - it could be a recessed book case.

Could we start the game earlier? Sunrise?

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That quilt is amazing. I LOVE reading and now I am thinking I need a bookshelf quilt like that. I would also love to know where you got that pattern.


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The quilt looks great. What a wonderful place to hang it, it looks like part of the bookcase. I think I finially figured out strip poker. I'm ready to play again.

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What a terrific quilt...I really had to look hard at first as it blends in with the other books...very clever. You must have put many hours into that project...I'll pass.

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Its perfect how could he not love it. And its the perfect quilt for a reader to snuggle in while reading a good book.
But ya know you could drink a rita under that too.

I like the Strawberry Margarittas yum....

Great quilt Nina.


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It's beautiful. The colors blend in with the rest of the room and everything.

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It's just stunning! So realistic too.

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Hey Nina,
I have a question. You did such a beautiful job on that quilt - how did you keep all the shelves 'straight and square' as you put the quilt sandwich together? Thanks,

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Beautiful! Yes, do tell us where you got the pattern!

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That is sensational. I love it.

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Nina, could you tell me how big are the blocks for this? They look pretty good sized. I found a site that has pp bookshelves, and they are 6" blocks...they could be enlarged.
I've provided the link...scroll down the page for the bookshelves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bookshelf blocks

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Nice job, Nina! The quilt looks perfect in that spot.


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Hi All Â
Thank you for all of your kind remarks. You always make me feel good.

Regarding a pattern: I didnÂt have one. I saw a bookcase quilt once and just sort of winged it. And IÂm gonna wing it trying to tell you what I did. Woodsy  I have seen those blocks and I did use them as a reference.

I started by cutting every single book first, and then sewed each book top to black. A much easier way would be to have a larger size book fabric (like a FQ) and sew that to the same size piece of black. Then you can cut that into book widths. For different heights of books, just cut off the bottom of some books.

Books with bands I guess you would have to do separately.

The books that tilt  I cut a black rectangle taller than a book, then cut it diagonally, The book should have black on the top and bottom. Once the book is sewn to the black, cut the black sides and bottom ¼ inch from the corner tips of the book. That way when it is all pieced together the corner tips lay right on the shelf and the books next to it.

The books on their sides  some have black on both ends, some on one end. I stacked them and the added black to the top to the height of the shelf.

You will see in my VERY BAD demo picture what a block would look like before you piece the books together. (The tilted book is not trimmed up.) I started sewing at the bottom of each book.

Block size  I just kept sewing books together until I had a little over an 18" wide block. Then trimmed each block to 18" at the side of the fatter book. I have no reason for 18", it just worked for me. Then I cut the tops straight to the right height for each shelf. Each shelf has 3 blocks 18" wide by 10" to 14" high.

I used a lot of pins when I sewed the 3 block rows to the shelves. The blocks want to stretch a little.

I donÂt have any tips on sandwiching the quilt, my long-arm quilter did that.

I sure hope that makes sense.


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Nina...that made perfect sence! Thanks so much for explaining how you did this. Doing the books from bigger pieces of fabrics is a great idea! and it's a lot easier than pp!!
I keep going back and looking at your photo...It is so lifelike!! lol.
Thanks again,

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Nina...I dreamed of your quilt last nite! lol.

I think when I try this, I might try it foundation pieced on muslin. I think it would help with the stretching, and I've had problems with strip piecing doing that.


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That quilt is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Woodsy Â
IÂm honored you dreamed about the quilt. IÂm sorry I canÂt help you on your strip piecing problem, or what ever itÂs called. I think using a foundation for this might be making it harder than it has to be. But you should do what youÂre comfortable with. I will tell you the book blocks are very forgiving. If it starts getting wonky, all you have to do is trim it up a bit and then keep adding books. As far as the blocks stretching  I found that if I pressed them well, and measured the shelf strip correctly and pined the two a lot, everything laid flat in the end. Good luck with your lotto blocks and this quilt, should you make it.


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That is a wonderful quilt, Nina!! I would definitely like to try one some time, if I ever get all of my wedding gift quilts finished.

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