Looking for a large wide sink but not too deep...

pseudochefApril 5, 2013

Hi everyone, my kitchen will have a 39 inch sink base which is overkill but it worked better for the design so there weren't any filler pieces. I've been looking at sinks and am excited about the Blanco silgranit type sink as I think it will be easier to keep looking clean. I'm having a hard time finding a sink that takes advantage of the wide space I have but isn't crazy deep. The Blanco Perfoma 1.75 looks great and I love the low divide but it's 10 inches deep. My granite will be 3 cm deep and I'm 5'6" tall. My current sink is a drop in and measuring from the top of the sink (which is about 0.5 inches higher than the countertop) to the bottom it's about 9 inches. I'm comfortable with that. If I had the Performa I would be about 3 inches deeper. That seems like a lot, but I don't do dishes by hand just rinse them off so maybe it's not that big of a deal.

So has anyone seen a silgranit type sink that's wide but not as deep?

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This actually was one of the reasons I decided not to go with a silgranit sink, despite its allure. I'm also 5'6", and I know that a sink deeper than 9" just spells backache for me. I ended up going with a custom ss sink (for a lot of other reasons too), and had to fight with the KD to make the sink only 8 inches deep. I'm happy I kept it a reasonable depth. I think the general tide on GW is strongly pro-silgranite, whatever the depth.

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I am 5'8" and I was really concerned about the 10" depth of the Silgranite sink. My old sink was overmount and only 8 1/2" deep.
So, I got the bottom grids. They raise the bottom of the sink a bit. In actuality, I am really loving the depth.

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I'm also 5'6 and have a smaller Silgranite that is 8" deep. I don't see why they even make a deeper sink than that. With the width of your sink, it'd take forever to put a few inches of water in it. Our new faucet is much slower than the old too. Might take most of an evening to fill your sink!

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I must be missing something. What exactly are the grids on the bottom of the sink for?

May_flowers, too funny about it taking all evening to fill the bowl :) I never do dishes by hand so I never fill the bowl. I do plan on giving baths to the new baby in the new sink though so there might be a little soaking there.

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The grid on the sink base makes it an inch shallower, for one thing.

It also creates a work surface that allows you to use water in the sink without disturbing the other work going on (because water just moves beneath the grid). For example: draining yogurt, straining/cooling stock, draining salted eggplant, rinsing udon noodles, etc. Replacing our old chipped enamel double sink with a big single sink with grid effectively doubled the amount of prep and working space available to me.

Like the original poster, I'd prefer a sink an inch or even two shallower than the one I have (Blanco Silgranit Diamond super single), but the grid makes it tolerable. I keep a small plastic tub in the cabinet underneath the sink, often to use upside down as a base to scrub a piece of cookware, which lets me do it without bending. The rest of the time, right side up, it's a basin for hand washing silver or glassware.

For my situation, the advantages of the material and the shape of the sink (with grid and pulldown sprayer-faucet) outweighed the disadvantage of more depth than I'd like.

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