How do you store your rulers?

gauraladyJuly 21, 2007

Woodsy's new cool tool reminded me that I have been meaning to ask how you store your rulers. I am getting enough of them that they can't just be in a pile on the table and some don't fit in the drawers I have next to my sewing machine. Do you use one of those wooden stands with slots, a peg board with hooks, or ? I would like to get more organized but I would like to be able to see them so I can easily grab the one I need. It is amazing how many different tools there are and just when you think you have all you need, something else comes along and then your organization scheme doesn't work anymore.

I am not fanatically organized but I know when I can put my hands on something easily, my frustration level stays down and I am a happier camper.

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I keep most on my table, stacked, and the larger ones on end on the floor nearby (between stacked bins and a coffee table). The smaller ones in a basket on my sewing table.

:) Cheryl

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I use one of the wooden stands with slots and really like it.Think I got it at Jo-Anns some time ago if I remember right.It would be with the rulers and quilt stuff if they still have them.Haven't tried it but bet the peg board would work great also if you have the room for it .I'm short on space so thats not an option for me. Yvonne

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Mine are on the table on the cutting mat. That's when things are cleaned up. Most of the time they are next to the cutting mat under a pile of fabric. I just don't have room for stuff. Wish I had a room of my own again........ well these kids are growing up fast it will be too soon and I'll have all the room I need.


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Well.....I have a nice wooden stand that my friend's DH made... but most of the time one or more of my rulers just lays right in the middle of my mat.

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I've got a wooden rack with slots for them that is mounted on the wall. I LOVE it - makes the rulers easy to find, and I have a *lot* of them.

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I put some screws in the side of my storage cupboard and when things are tidy I hang my rulers up. I always keep my 6x24 on my mat. I also like the idea of putting the large one between totes on the floor.

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Mine are hung on the wall above my cutting table.

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Hanging on nails on the bedroom wall, behind the door, where they are not too visible.

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June Taylor has out a ruler holder. It is a curved circle almost like a belt holder and you just hook them on from the hole in the top of the ruler and it hangs next to my sewing maching. It is on $4.99. You can get them at Joann's or order it from


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I use the wooden slots I have -2- so far they keep the clutter off my mat and I go from smallest to the longest. works great I can always find them.


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Right now, I have a bookcase next to my sewing table, and I hang my rulers on the side of it on small nails. When I get my cutting table, I'll hang them on the wall above it on nails. I hange the larger ones (6x6, and up) by themselves, the smaller ones, I hang 2 or 3 on a nail. I have also labeled some of mine with a white sticker and the size (to one side so I don't block the center line) if the size isn't printed large enough for me to see.

Those cool tools I got, I just stuck them in a round votive cup that sits in the middle of my bobbin saver on my sewing table.(too bad those don't have hanging holes!)Hmm, might have to have hubby drill some holes.

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I have small nails on the inside of my fabric cabinet and i hang them in there.I then trace around them so i know when one is missing.The ones i use the most are kept in a tray that used to hold rolls of ribbons when i worked at the fabric store.

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My 6" square one, and my 6" x 24" one are always on the cutting mat on my cutting table - I use them so often I figure why put them anywhere else. My larger square ones that I use for squaring off blocks hang on a nail I put into the side of my large wooden storage cabinet - so handy! On top of my cutting mat I have a basket I found at a garage sale that has dividers in it - probably was meant to be one of those carriers for silverware and napkins. It's perfect for the small stuff - marking pens, paper scissors, small rotary cutter and little rulers, colored pencils, etc. - everything out within easy reach.

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This is how I stored my in my old sewing room. My cabinets were rebuilt and I will be storing my rulers in the same manner.
As soon as I start organizing the most important room in the house.

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Thanks, everybody. Lots of options! My sewing "room" is really just one end of my nice laundry room in the basement so space is kind of tight. But the light is good (thanks, DH!), it has a window looking out on a nicely planted large window well, and most of the time when I am sewing I can't hear the phone ring or the doorbell so I can shut out the world! Oh, and no clock so I sometimes am surprised to see that it is 2 a.m. when I decide to quit.

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