Does sink/faucet have to be centered under a large window?

karenschaeweApril 7, 2012

Love my big kitchen window but trying to keep the sink centered under it in a new design layout is driving me around the bend!

Will I hate it if the new sink and faucet were shifted a bit one way or the other?

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Our sink was centered but faucet wasn't. I worried needlessly over this one. I don't notice the faucet not being centered on the window(actually like it on the side, very much). I think the sink should be centered on the cabinet though.

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I agree with old bat(but bet she really isn't an old bat)
Center the sink but put OK to offset the faucet depending on the sink style.
I am debating the same thing - the sink will be centered(our old one was not quite centered) but debating the faucet placement.
I mocked up a sink with a large piece of cardboard for the sink and a hanger to show the faucet reach.

Lovely window - so an offset faucet would not block your view as much. I can't go as far to the side as old bat but I did ogle that Carbon faucet and was one of the last ones I ruled out. (Went with a Waterstone)

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My sink is asymetric, (one small basin, one large, so the divider is off-center in the sink) which required the faucet to be set off center relative to both the sink and the window. I also have an insta hot and spray nozzle at the same sink. The main faucet being off center from the sink and window does not bother me at all--and I am very big on symmetry: From WLH Kitchen Share File

However, it seems from your picture and description that you are considering setting the whole sink off center relative to the window? I think that would bother me a lot. Especially if it were only slightly off center.

Maybe you could post your layout, outlining the cabinet placement issues and ask for help/ideas on the forum?

Personally, I would go to great lengths to center the sink on the window. If you feel apprehensive about it, I think that is a good indicator that it will bother you.

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Vickyw - yes, I was thinking of shifting the whole thing (cabinet/sink) slightly off center by a few inches in order to fit a super susan instead of a blind corner cab. I agree that if I am questioning if it will bother me, in hte end it probably will.

Here's the layout so far (still a work in progress):

The sink will be a big single bowl, not the double that's shown.

I know I need to label the plan better. I will do that and post a new thread for layout feedback.

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Circus Peanut

I too worried about it for a while, but it just wasn't practical to center the sink in my case. I centered the faucet, instead, at one side of the sink. That solved the issue even for my OCD mate. ;-)

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You have such a huge wall of windows there, I really think you could put the sink anywhere you want and it would look fine. I'd go for what functions best.

Found some pictures of sinks that aren't centered under the window. I think they look great. I'm not a big fan of symmetry though. I don't "need" things to be centered. I realize some people do. :)

modern kitchen design by brisbane kitchen and bath Kim Duffin

contemporary kitchen design by san francisco architect OR

contemporary kitchen design by los angeles kitchen and bath Mal Corboy Design

traditional kitchen design by cincinnati architect RWA Architects

contemporary kitchen design by san francisco architect modern house architects

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Food for thought Poohpup, thanks! The non-symmetry/uncentered-ness of those kitchens doesn't bother me, they are all gorgeous! Yours too circuspeanut! What are your countertops?

That beast of a window is 93" total, the bulk of that being the fixed center panel. But I love it and want to keep it anyway. :)

Gotta get dinner going but I am working on labeling my current kitchen plans and the working version of the layout to post separately.

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I centered mine on one panel of a two-panel window. Could you do something like that?

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Angie I *love* your soapstone! We are thinking about getting it largely due to seeing your posts on it. Are those Ikea cabs? The feet look familiar...

Our window has 3 panels and the center one is fixed so the sink really needs to stay somewhere along that middle panel.

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Are you considering putting runnels in your counter? Maybe you could use them to trick the eye to make your sink look a little longer?

Just a thought. :)

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3rd: (Blush) Thanks for the kind comments on the soapstone. I am really, really happy with it so far.

The cabs are frameless Euro-style, but they are from Scherr's. This is an outfit in North Dakota that makes fully custom RTA cabinets.

I just posted this in another thread, so I am going to be "rude" and just cut and paste:
I used Scherr's custom RTA frameless cabinets. My kitchen is 8'x14'; I had about 25 linear feet of cabs. Our initial estimate was $7500 for industrial-board (particle-board) construction and melamine interiors, or $8500 for 3/4" plywood boxes and hardwood veneer interiors. This price included standard Blum drawer slides and hinges, but no pull-outs, etc. We wound up upgrading essentially everything it was possible to upgrade (premium wood, stain, soft-close hinges, undermount drawer slides, stacked upper cabinets, expensive Haefele and Rev-a-shelf pullouts and super susan, etc.). This ran about $15k + $800 shipping. A quote for Crystal cabs was about $3k higher.

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I think you don't have to have everything centered on everything. Just chose some center and work on that.

You can also choose a not-so-eye-catching faucet to kind of downplay the assymetry, as well.

Also if assymetry is your design choice, and perfectly fine one it is, make sure it's really assymetric not just a couple of inches off. In other words make sure it is (and looks) to be a deliberate design choice, not just sloppy measuring.

I'm not one who even thinks sinks need to under windows, much less invariably perfectly centered. Sinks are extremely functional features and if they don't function right where they are, and not just be there prettily poised (like a prim little Miss' cupid bow mouth); if they're not exactly where you need them to be when you've got chickeny-icky hands or a pot that needs draining now, then you've got a design failure on your hands. This is one instance where the maxim of "Pretty is as pretty does," is right on.



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The pic disappeared above, here it is again:

The 2 smaller side parts crank open, the center is fixed.

I posted a new (very long) thread with my layout.

Ayerg-yes, we love runnels and hope to basically surround our sink with them, see my layout post for more on that, and excellent idea!

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I'm huge on symmetry and have a pass thru on my sink wall that is large as a picture window. I had to work around the main vent stack that intruded about 6 inches into my kitchen. So the sink is off center a few inches. I don't even notice it. In the best of all worlds everything would come together as we want them to, in reality there is give and take.

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We didn't center our sink OR our faucet on the window. The whole layout worked so much better with the DW to the left of the sink, but the only way to fit it meant shifting the sink ~4" right. 21" D-shape sink, 30" window opening (36" frame), that puts the right-hand edge of the sink just about in line with the right-hand edge of the window opening. Originally I had thought that since the faucet goes at the back corner for D-shape, put it on the left to bring the balance back toward the center of the window, but in practice that looked super-dumb, so here's the faucet also off to the righthand side. Fortunately the width of the window frame is enough so the faucet doesn't feel too crowded near the upper cabinets.

Let me know if you'd like to see a photo from a better angle; this is the convenient one that was already uploaded.

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