Prairie Point Pillow Case Method

K8OrlandoJuly 2, 2011

Has anyone used this method to do prairie point pillowcases? I plan to give it a try but would love to know if it really works!


Here is a link that might be useful: Prairie Point Pillow Case Tutorial

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Have never done that but it would be a neet way to make a bunch for a quilt boarder as well. TFS. Jayne

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The method will work fine, and it will look wonderful.

Personally, I wouldn't want all those loose pointy bits on a pillowcase. They would drive me nuts during the night and I mash my pillow around quite a bit while sleeping. It is just my opinion, of course.

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Love prarie points but wouldn't use on a pillow. As you get older the wrinkles in a pillow will show up on your face. With prarie points, I would have triangles on my face (ha ha). It's hard to get creases out of your face.


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LOL - thank you for your wrinkle concerns but I have several pillows on my bed (I like to read in bed) and the pp embellishment will only go on a couple cases, not on the pillowcases we'll actually sleep on. I'll post pictures when I'm done and it will make sense!

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Kate, I have made praire points using that method and it works really well. Have you seen this tutorial on sausage roll pillowcases? I think she does a really good job showing how to make them so you end up with NO unfinished seems. Lynn, my face ends up with all the wrinkles too - would also have triangles!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sausage roll pillowcase

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That is a good demo, Sue. I did mine with all finished seams too. I ended up with 2 standard size cases and two king cases today. I used the same fabric for the body of the cases and white for the end pieces. The prairie points are on the kings. I have two more kings to make and think I'll do those in white with the end pieces done in a piano key pattern of the 1930s leftover pieces.


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Picture time!

4 pillowcases:


The casing on the standard size pillowcases is much wider than the one on the prairie pointed kings. That's because it was all the ducks with umbrellas fabric I had, but I like the effect. Because it's so nice and wide, I may use the bunny applique there. The quilt is already so 1950's extreme that I might as well take the pillowcases just as far! Really, I love it all, but the whole thing is almost ridiculous; in a very sweet way, of course!

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those are darling, Kate. It's amazing what you can get done when down with a healing knee. You inspire us!

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This was my Recovery Quilt! I will always look at it and remember this time in my life. Don't be impressed though... I spent the first 4 weeks after surgery just staring at the TV. It wasn't until the 5th week that I started sewing at all.

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