LOOKING for: Useful New Website: RecipeKey.com

vegangirl24September 26, 2007

Hey I just found this great new website when I was searching for recipes. It is call RecipeKey: www.RecipeKey.com.

It let you choose what you have in ur kitchen or pantry and then it finds recipes from that criteria. It also lets you choose your dietary restrictions such as Vegan or Veggie. Since I am vegan it is very useful because it automatically removes all the recipes that I won't eat. Let me know what you think.

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Alert....here is another person who just registered TODAY

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Yes, but she's not providing a direct link. I don't see the cause for alarm. I just checked the site, and it's a cool idea to use up odds and ends or for inspiration.
Thanks Vegangirl!

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I apologize for causing any alarm. I am new to the forum, but I thought it was a really cool site and wanted to share.

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Thanks for sharing the website. I think it is going to be very useful for me.

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Hi vegangirl24,
I see we have similar names:) Thanks for posting that link. I'm going right over to check it out. I found your post by searching for posts I had made.

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