Island Lighting - help me choose!

stacylhApril 2, 2013

I bought 3 "smallish" industrial lights to go above my 100"x54" island, but now I'm having second thoughts. I'm thinking that I need a little more "bling".

The more I search, the more I discover that I really like these style of lights:

Traditional Kitchen by Stamford Kitchen And Bath Veronica Campbell of Deane Inc

This kitchen is very similar to the style and finishes that we are using (white cabs, dark island, floor color, paint color, cabinet hardware, etc.)

However, I'm torn as to whether or not I should go with those lights (in chrome that really blows my budget) or if a dark (blackish) would work since the lighting in adjacent (and semi-open) rooms will also be black (or ORB). I found these at and thought they are very reasonable:

Also, would you do 2 or 3 with an island that size? I'm thinking that 3 might look a little too busy. I had the electrician put 3 wires up in the attic to decide placement after island is in place but it's no problem to take one out, if needed.

Thanks!! Cabs should be in next week....getting super excited!

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Do you have a picture of your space and the lights you already have?

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On your size island, I would definitely do 3 pendants. The lights you have pictured above are beautiful and I was tempted by a similiar kind. I stayed away from them for 2 reasons. The upward pointing chandelier bulbs are not ideal task lighting. Also, the glass would be a PITA to clean as you would have to reach inside the glass to clean it and keep it looking nice. That's just too much maintenance for me.

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Ditto what dilly said. That style of light is only appropriate over a big working island if you also have plenty of other lights.

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Not sure why your comments didn't get sent to my email :/

Anyway, I do have lots of recessed in my kitchen (electrician thought I was a tad nuts but I love light!). There are 11 lights on the perimeter of my kitchen plus one above the sink and one above my baking prep area for a total of 13. However, it is a fairly large kitchen (about 21.5 ft x 18 ft).

You all raise very good points, though, about the maintenance of this type of light and it's something we definitely need to consider. I really just want to add some "eye candy" to the room, which is why I'm more drawn to the chrome :)


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Holly- Kay

I think they are lovely, I do think they would be a pita to clean though. I would definitely go with three pendants on an island your size. Please post pics when it is finished!

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I have 3 lights above my 124" island and whether you go with 2 or 3 depends on the light. You could get away with 2 lights if they are large enough. With that large of an island it would be a pia to have to crawl up there and clean the lights. With the clear glass you will really notice the dust and grime faster than with a different shade so for me, I would go with something else. But that's just me. I do like the lights though.

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It sounds like your island is large and could probably take 'more drama'. Can you return or resell the lights you already bought? My only concern about those lights you linked would be the dust. I had large flat glass surfaces on my pendant lights and eventually had to remove them because they showed so much dust it drove me batty (it was extra noticeable with the light shining on it and being at eye level). I didn't want to have to dust my lights every 3 days. Plus those linked ones are dark which would also show more dust. If you like that style, maybe you could find some with a frosted bell?

Would something like this work? It looks like they have an open bottom and are silver so would show less dust?

Here is a link that might be useful: Less dust?

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Holly- Kay

Stacy, I was shopping for pendants for my small island and I found beautiful pendant lighting that is not as large as the pendants that you posted but has the open end of the pendant shining down on the island instead of upward. I have a feeling that they will be too small for your island but they are lovely and very inexpensive. I think they look like a much more expensive light. I actually love them so much that I am ordering them for over my island. I am going with the pearl bronze but I thought you may like the polished antique nickel. You can see them at House of Antique Hardware. I wanted to link to the site for you but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

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holly, can you just paste the website address for those pendants? I'd love to look at those.

The pendants I purchased can be returned to the local "big box store starting with an L" :) So, that's no biggie.

The more I think about the dust issue and trying to maneuver over a large slab of granite to clean 2-3 of those boogers, I think I need to change focus. I'd definitely not want any cracked granite slabs over those darned

kiko, the light you linked has been a huge source of debate for me. I've looked at it numerous times but read the reviews that said it's more brushed than shiny and I think I want a little "sparkle" since my appliances are stainless and hardware is satin nickel.

Another consideration is that my ceilings are only 8'.....guess I'm back to the drawing board!

Pendant lights and counter stools will surely be the death of me....

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Holly- Kay

Sure Stacy, it is It is listed under classical for the style and then choose electrical and lighting and type in pendants. They are called plantation single stem pendant. I don't care for it in the brass finish that it shows but you can pick the finish and it shows you what it looks like in an alternate finish.

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Holly- Kay

I am glad I looked at the alternate finishes because I don't like it at all in the shiny brass finish but I loved the design of it and I think the glass really blings it up! The polished antique nickel is what I thought you would like, it really is so pretty, I am just not sure if it would be large enough for your island!

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Did you see phylhl's recent reveal? Instead of three smallish pendants over her large island she used two very gorgeous large ones.
I think you should take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phylhl's reveal

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