RECIPE: Runny Marmalade?

soxfan777September 2, 2010


I made marmalade for the first time, and I made TWO batches... The first batch is happily solid in the jars... It might even be TOO solid. I put a little of that batch (the stuff that wouldn't fit in a jar) in the fridge, though, and it's DELICIOUS and not too solid but not runny either... just the way I like it.

MY QUESTION (I was getting to it!)... The SECOND batch I made is "sloshy" in the jars... I sealed and boiled them last night, but when I TIP the jars (not sure if I'm even supposed to do that but whatever) the jelly moves from side to side. Will it solidify more as it "sets"? If it does, I think it will be fine. Also, if it's this "soft", is it more likely to spoil? If it is, I'll just make it into the "refrigerator jam" and stick it in there now. (I don't want to reprocess the jars... I'd rather just buy bagels for work and eat it sooner if you don't think it's shelf stable...)

Any help you could offer is great! I'm totally new at this... Thanks in advance. :)

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Once it is cool it will be as solid as it gets. Tipping it will not harm it and it will keep as long as it is well sealed. Processing them or reprocessing them will not make it set any better.

The failure to set is often because the sugar wasn't measured right, or you had too much fruit for the sugar. In other words the ratio of sugar to fruit was not right, to make it set completely. When making jams and jellies measurements must be exact.

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You just need to cook it a little longer. Pour it back into the pan & recook until its thicker.

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Could it be used for a desert topping?? Such as ice cream, puddings, or even cakes?

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And jams will get a firmer set upon sitting...wait 2 or 3 days before deciding that it's not set.

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I'm using a Lemon Drop Pepper Jelly that didn't set as a marinade for grilled meats. Really good.

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