When to stop?

frmrsdghtrJuly 3, 2012

This is a flip home, completely remodeled by my husband who is a licensed builder. We are on the home stretch and hope to put it for sale this week. We have dumped a ton of money and time into this home. It is a 100K home and I feel like we've put more $ into it then the neighborhood are homes are worth and I'm stuck on the last few things and wonder if I need to throw money at it or if it's just fine as is. My biggest question is landscaping. We cleaned the area up but do I need to put in bushes and trees? Or is that something we should leave for the new home owner. Or is landscaping a big deal when selling? See before and after. Thanks!

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I am a recent home buyer, and I do not think it is necessary to add plants. With a blank slate the buyer can choose what kind of landscaping to put in.

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I think you should add landscaping. Curb appeal is everything. Some buyers dont want to have to do anything or spend any more money... just move in! You want to appeal to as many buyers a possible.

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I don't think you need to add trees, but a few bushes surrounding the porch will really help the curb-appeal. You don't need to fill it up. For example in the pic it looks like you could do 3 bushes and leave the rest open assuming you use a 5 gallon sizes at least.

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Sophie Wheeler

You need a larger couple of shrubs on the side to hide the utility area and a couple of smaller ones by the corner. All else can be some color from a flat of annuals that get changed seasonally if it's still for sale come fall. You'll spend under $200 even if you get larger shrubs. But, with summer planting, you'll have to water them every other day in the beginning, so if you didn't do a sprinkler system, set up a soaker hose and timer valve on the exterior spigot or you'll have wasted your money.

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I agree a few bushes from home depot will add a lot, no trees though.

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I'd check out the clearance section at Wal-Mart and Lowes. You could probably find some appropriate,decent looking plants for a fairly inexpensive price.

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I'd love to see the before picture.

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A $10 flat of impatiens or marigolds would go a long way toward making the place look homey--and that's not a lot to spend. I wouldn't go overboard, though, with bushes and trees--that's something the buyers will enjoy choosing for themselves.

Last year, I put a row of marigolds along the driveway, and it really brightened up the look of the place. I did it partly for curb appeal, and partly because the town engineers left the edge of our driveway pretty raggedy --looking when they had to replace it.

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You could spend less $50 at Lowe's and have a MUCH better looking house. Lowe's guarantees shrubs for one year, so save the receipt for your buyer.

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Circus Peanut

Just a quick code question: in our area you'd need some kind of railing on that elevated cement porch. Have you checked your local ordinances to be sure?

I'd be tempted to plant one small pretty specimen tree in the larger curve of that bed, and leave it at that. Any annuals, and most perennials, will still look pretty small and only emphasize the 'empty raised porch' feeling.

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Code in our area is if its 2 steps railing is not needed but once its 3 steps or more railing is required.

As far a landscaping I would plant some cheap plants and bushes just to have something in place and give some curb appeal but I wouldnt spend alot of the landscaping at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our home sell/build blog

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Another thing to think about is that an unfinished flip sends a loud announce ent that the investors are cash strapped. This portrayal, whether true or not, will result in lower offers.
Such a small boxy house needs some additional curb appeal.

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There is not a thing about this house unfinished - even have shower curtains and hand towels - except for the landscaping. Going out tonight to pick them out and will be planting them tomorrow. Thanks! Hopefully I do this right :).

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The landscaping IS unfinished! It makes it look like the investor is cash strapped.
We see it all of the time. And I point it out to my buyers all the time.
Don't be one of those.

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Please post an after AND a before. Good luck selling.

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After photos and a 'please critique my listing' found here:


We are trying to decide whether to get real serious about FSBO or just getting an agent. But would appreciate your thoughts about the listing!

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The house is darling! From what I can see in the photos it has been finished nicely (no cheap paint overs, everything new) with decent materials and better craftsmanship. Good luck!

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Can anything be done with the front lawn? Is there money left for sod?

Kill or pull that weed between the driveway & sidewalk.

Siding, porch, exterior etc look great!

Take the fan out of the mudroom for picture.

Kitchen looks nice, but I would get rid of those few items on the counter, or add more.

Can you get me a close up of how you did the trim around the top of the window over the sink. I like it.

I love how you worked with all the angles upstairs. It looks beautiful, and you did a great job. Let us know how your Open House did.

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Really cute house. Like the dark floor in mudroom. Personally, I'd never live in a house with w/w carpet but in this price range it may be the norm. The kitchen is perfect, spare but up-to-date. Great color choices. The place has a nice calm look. Also liking your counter top selections in kitchen and bathrooms. One thing that stuck out was that concrete stump in the photo of the rear of the house. Wondering if you can somehow blend it into the house better. Maybe some fencing? It's just sitting there, it's purpose is unclear. Maybe you can disguise it or make it useful. All I can think of doing is using it like a foundation for a small structure, like an elevated shed, that could hold gardening tools.

I agree w/the comment about the lawn. It's a mess. And that little strip of stone to the left of the porch flush against the driveway is a turn off. Again, none of these will matter to a buyer if this house compares very favorably to others in its price range. I do think it's adorable.

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Where are the gutters and downspouts? I didn't notice any on the neighbor's houses either. Whats up with that?

Where is the refrigerator and stove? I realize you are tying to make as much profit as possible, and are thinking the buyer can purchase their own. I just think it would be much more attractive to the buyer if they were already furnished.

House looks great, I can tell a lot of quality work went into it. This would be a great place for someone just starting out, or for someone who wants to downsize.

good luck!

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You need to brighten some of your pictures.



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Terriks, you make an excellent point. The brighter picture IS much better. The room looks much bigger and it really shows the angled ceilings.

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Nice house, my only suggestions would be whats mentioned before:

1. new picture without the fan
2. sod yard(even if you just did the front it would make a huge difference)

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