Toolgranny-thank you! Pic Veggie Jar Quilt

magothyrivergirlJuly 8, 2011

In March I asked a question about background fabric for making a Veggie Jar Quilt. As usual, I got immediate responses & suggestions.

Toolgranny then emailed me to ask if I wanted all her veggies leftover from when she made her quilt. Of course, I said yes!

I bought the tomatoes and yellow corn & had the peppers. The rest of the veggies were from Toolgranny! I did buy the background - dark green Kona (as she suggested) and the brown for the wood look - that was hard to find something right, and I found this wonderful seed packet panel that I made for the back - well, that was like making another quilt. (It looks crooked - it is straight - we were getting hit with a sudden storm!)

I am giving this quilt to my DH Aunt & Uncle. He grew up on a real working farm, where his Mother traded crops for fabric at the general store to make clothes for the kids.

He still has a huge garden and beautiful yard. In her healthier days, his Aunt canned huge amts of food.

They will be so surprised when I give them this quilt next week.

I quilted it on my short arm Pfaff on a frame - all free hand. I am happy with the results.

Thank you Toolgranny! I hope I made you proud!

Thanks for looking.

The back using the panel of seed packets:

A pic of the quilting:

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Looks real good to me,and sounds perfect for your aunt & uncle.

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MRG, it's beautiful! I love the "crates" on the bottom shelf. And the seed packet fabric on the back is just perfect. I know they will love it!


PS - Great quilting, too!

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I'm just busting my buttons with pride here. Yours is better than mine. I love the crates on the bottom. Be sure to let us know how they took this. You put so much into it they should be thrilled.

Thanks for helping me dispose of extras.

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What a great quilt!! Love, love, love the crates on the bottom and the different sized jars. Perfect back for this jar quilt. I am making a jar quilt for our youngest grandson and you gave me a great idea with the crates!

You should be very proud!


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This has got it all! The gifting of fabric, the gifting of the quilt, a great pattern, a totally unexpected backing and fabulous free hand quilting! Wow, wow, wow!


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Wow! Great job - really love the crates and backing fabric. I'm sure they really love it too.

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Awesome! The crates are a great idea, looks like my mom's pantry.


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I am with Kate, WOW, you did a great job. Jar quilts arn't my favorites but this is perfect for you Aunt and Uncle and I like the way you varied the design. TFS

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I think this quilt is unique and I want to show everybody what you did. It is outrageious fun and beautiful Also the sweet people on this site are so giving and kind to each other. You are the heart and soul of America that not many people get to view. Mago you thank you for showing this to me. Hugs, Maggie

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Spectacular!!! Just love it! A Jar Quilt is on my to-do list and I have been acquiring the fabrics. Thank you for a wonderful example. Did you have a pattern? Where can I get it? Love love the crates at the bottom.
Thank you so much for sharing your fantastical quilt!!!!

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I love your quilt. I have always wanted to make one like this but that still hasn't happened. The bottom row with the crates is a nice touch. Your DH's Aunt and Uncle will love it. Great job. TFS.


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Wonderful. I love the crates as well. The recipients will love it.

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Thank you for all the compliments. I did not use a pattern. I found some directions on the internet for making basic bug jars and toolgranny told me what general sizes she made-which was extremely helpful. I tweaked the sizes. The crates and basket at the bottom were to take up space~~but the basket fabric I bought (expensive at LQS) was so off grain, I spent 2 days trying to figure out how to modify the bushel basket I had cut out. I could have made alot of jars in that amount of time~LOL.
I had taken a workshop with Sue Nichols and used her methods for all the machine applique of the crates,baskets & their veggies. It was good practice!

I learned alot making this quilt - my first time sewing long sashings going across. I figured out that you are supposed to handle them like borders to avoid wavy-learned that lesson the hard way :-).

It was a fun quilt to make. If you google, you will find alot inspiration and ideas.

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That is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Be sure to let us know their reactions. It sure brings back memories of our 'fruit cellar' with stone walls and floor with shelves full of goods mom (us kids had to help) canned.


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That is so cute and unique. You did a wonderful job!
The crates at the bottom are such a good idea and really add to it.

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