New kitchen - bah...get a Vitamix instead!!!

Mgoblue85April 14, 2013

Ok, I'm kidding, of course, BUT I decided to buy one pre-remodel versus the post-remodel as I intended. All I can say is WOW!!! I think this single small appliance will forever change my life. Hot soup in less that 5 minutes (I love soup)...fresh fruit and veggie smoothies (healthy and tasty)...awesome slushy adult beverages (can't be healthy all the time, although with the fruit added, maybe so)...fresh peanut butter (with no added ingredients - just nuts, what a concept)...granola, marinades, dressings...the list goes on and on. So, if anyone is debating whether or not to take the plunge, debate no longer!

On a side note, I will be requesting help on my layout soon, my vision for design is mediocre at best, unless...I find the button on the Vitamix for instant kitchen remodel - I'm sure it's there somewhere!!!

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hi mgoblue85,

I was smiling as I read your email because we are so on the same page! I bought a Blendtec about a month ago. It is the best appliance we have ever purchased! We use it everyday!! It has also been a wonderful "distraction" over angsting over our kitchen/house remodel - which I definitely needed. Funny how the two of us had the same occurrence. I am definitely having a "juicing" area defined in my new kitchen space.
Enjoy your Vitamix!

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You will have to share your best recipes. I'm only a week in so I'm still going through all the recipes in the book that came with it. A juicing station is a great idea - I may have to add that to the growing list of must haves - ha!

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Funny how I've got the Vitamix on my list for buying AFTER we finish with our remodel (maybe another year or so?). And I know exactly where I plan to use it in my new floor plan. Maybe I should change the schedule and get it now except counter space is sooo... limited. Can't figure out a way in the old floor plan.

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Two things - first, Vitamix customer service is fantastic. My pitcher (just a couple of months old) accidentally ended up in the dishwasher (which is a no-no), and when I called to see whether this was a concern and explained about some droplets I saw, they said, "Well, it could rust over time. Let us just send you a new one free of charge." Amazing!

Second, as you may already have discovered, the "full-size" 64-oz. pitcher does not easily fit on a counter underneath upper cabinets. But if you have upper cabinets and want your Vitamix to live on the counter, you can get the 48-oz. pitcher and it works fine. I had measured my cabinets to accomodate the height of my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer, and I was pleasantly surprised after the remodel to discover that the height was right for the short Vitamix pitcher, too.

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It is on my list to get - I am ogling the 750 so it fits under my cabs but have not ruled out a CL purchase for this one.
Or do like Arlington did - get a second pitcher.

We went over budget on the reno - so just being a bit careful.

I saw a demo with a friend and we said we only had 5 minutes - the rep managed to make a smoothie, soup, and ice cream in that time (using different pitchers)

I keep hoping for a glass pitcher vs plastic - but probably won't happen before I cave in.

MGB - I will be watching your plans, reno, and favorite Vitamix recipes...

Also - if you find the button for instant renovations, let us know - bathrooms are next...

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OK, a vitamix wasn't even on my radar, but then, neither were a lot of other products I bought while lurking here awaiting our remodel!!! GW can save a lot of remodeling money with the great advice, but it can also be expensive! So, what model did you get? What would you all recommend?

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Haha - I really wanted to wait until after the everything could be nice and new together, AND so I would have a place to store it, but alas the devil (spend, spend) in my head won out over the angel (save, save)!!! I wanted one for several years, but then I saw an in-store demo where they made tortilla soup and that was that.

My storage right now is the box on the floor - sad, especially for such a fine work of art!

Great to hear about the CS...I've not needed to call and hope that continues, but always good to know.

A2 - I got the 750 - I love the pre-set programs. The plastic pitcher isn't bad. I think if it were glass it might get pretty heavy when full of whatever you're mixing and if it's hot that could be an issue. Just a thought.

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A glass pitcher isn't possible with the speed and power of the blade. I can shatter. The new 64 oz. pitcher is about the same height as the 48 oz. one. BTW, QVC has a today's special value on the VM for $429 shipped till midnight if there are any left then. It has their newest motor and the 48 oz. pitcher. You can get a refurb in the vitamix site with the exact same 5 yr. warranty and the 64 oz. shorter pitcher for only $399 shipped! Even if you don't want one now the show is fun to watch. They sold over 10,000 of them since last night. On 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM. I LOVE mine too! I have the 7500!

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I heartily agree with all the praise for the VitaMix! It has had more effect on the way we eat (and shop) than any other appliance I've ever owned. After using mine for over 7 years now, I am just as pleased as the day I brought it home. Bought a second one for my son, and it has had similarly wonderful effects on his diet!

Your shopping cart will look different for several reasons. First you will buy even more fresh fruits and veggies because there are now so many EASY and delicious things you can do with it all. Second, you will be able to take advantage of sales, and stock your freezer with budget friendly, VitaMix friendly, good food.

Sometimes I use mine three times in one day if I'm doing a fruit smoothie, a soup, and a sorbet all the same day. You can make frozen coffee drinks, margaritas, and all sorts of adult beverages.

I also use mine quite a bit in my canning. No more peeling and coring apples, for example. I remove only the woody stem, and everything else (skins, cores, seeds) goes directly into the VitaMix jar, processed smooth then cooked and canned. It makes a much, much richer tasting and more nutritious applesauce.

Now I realize this must sound like an infomercial (ha!), and I'm not connected with them in any way except satisfaction as a customer. GW member for a long time and glad to share something I hope is useful.

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Live my vitamix. I've had it for 5 years. I made sure there was a good spot for it in my kitchen redesign.

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Oooh, thanks (....I think!) for the tip about the refurbished Vitamix with the smaller containers.!!!

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LOVE my vitamix. I make breakfast smoothies every morning for me and my kids. It's a great investment. We use it for soup and even to make shaved ice. So many uses, so little time!

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Ok, someone help me to understand what the deal is with a Vitamix. I have no idea why is different than a regular blender--super powerful? Finer puree? Everything goes in (the entire orange) and it still tastes good?

I've never seen a demo or watched an infomercial but I do make many pureed soups and love smoothies--trying to figure out how they would be improved.

I'm intrigued, and would love to know the lowdown in a nutshell.

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Lol, I have one on my kitchen reno list too! Sooooo wish I could pull the trigger today, but I have to pay the taxes this month, and sadly, they are a LOT more than a Vitamix. :-(

For those who have one, show us a picture of where you keep it. I would love to design a spot on the counter for my future Vitamix!!

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I'm so glad to hear the rave reviews by such an esteemed group. I've already gotten my sister on the bandwagon. She is on the QVC waitlist for the 7500.

Smiling - I sound like an infomercial when I talk about it too. If I ever quit my job, I feel like I can be a sales rep for them. I totally agree about shopping differently. A life changer for sure.

Legal - I don't think you can go wrong with any model. Some of them have the taller pitcher - I have the 750 which has the shorter, squat pitcher that fits under the cabinet. It also has pre-set programs for hot soup, smoothies, frozen drinks and a few others. Love it!!!

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Shanghaimom - first of all it is NOT just a blender - hahaha! It is SO much more than that. The first thing I made after buying it was cream of asparagus soup. It was soooo unbelievably smooth and silky - it was incredible - no little bits of anything...unless you want little bits of something in there. I've made tortilla soup by just adding chicken broth and raw veggies & taco seasoning, set the program for hot soup, then I added chicken, corn, and peppers for 10 secs on low...voila!

I've not gotten as far as using it for a meat grinder, food processor, or mixer, but you can...check out the infomercial on QVC tonight. It's on now, again at 9 and 11pmET. You can also some times catch a live demo in Costco or other nicer markets.

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Mgoblue, I will definitely send you some recipes. Actually, the Vitamix posts alot of the ones that I use. There are many on youtube as well.

For those of you considering the Blendtec or Vitamix. I researched them both extensively, and you should too. I found that there is not a huge difference in them. Both are exceptional. I chose the Blendtec because it fit under my counter, but mostly because the jar is square, & because the blade does not have to be removed to be cleaned. Clean-up is a snap. In fact, my 2 teen-age boys have commented more than once about how easy it is to use and clean. I have a pretty powerful blender but I had to take it all apart to really get it clean and this prevented me fr using it very often. I think this is why we use our Blendtec multiple X's a day. It is so easy to clean out!
My youngest son had an aversion to any green veggies. For the past month, he has drank smoothies made w/spinach, celery, kale, cucumber, & chard. It has made a noticable difference in his skin and appearance. The fact that he is taking in green leafy vegetables is reason enough for me to say that this appliance is incredible.
Both companies run shows at Costco on their blenders. Blendtec was about $100 dollars less than the Vitamix and this was another factor that made me get it. I have to save $ for my kitchen remodel and DH was happy about that! Also, they are more expensive online as opposed to getting them from Costco. You can buy extra jars for both if needed, but I believe they are made from the same material that they make airplane windows from, so it is some durable stuff.
Good luck everyone - you will love either one!!

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Shanghaimom, Mgoblue85 is right that the VitaMix is far more than a blender. It's hard to describe an appliance that does so much so well, kinda hard to believe something is still so well-made and well-supported in this day and age, but it's true. Those of us who've been using them for years attest to that.

If you belong to Costco, the best advice I can give you is to take one home and try it! Like any new multi-purpose appliance, you won't get it perfect the first time you try making something, but keep it for a few weeks or months while you learn, and if you don't care for it, Costco will take it back!

The thing is SO powerful that the friction of the spinning blades is what cooks the soups, there is no heating element involved. That power is also what creates such silky, silky soups. Your split-pea, pumpkin, or carrot-ginger soups will be so much better you will be convinced in your own kitchen.

Also,, since it combines things so finely, you are able to add all kinds of nutritious things to your recipes, but you don't taste them separately. I know that sounds confusing, but a good example is a fruit smoothie. When I make these, in addition to the fruits of choice, I can use juice, yogurt, kefir, milk, or other fluid, and then add the extras such as a handful of baby spinach, a few leaves of kale, or raw veggies like carrots or tomatoes. It's amazing how much you can load veggies into a fruit smoothie and no one can tell. That's great for getting veggies into folks who aren't so crazy about them.

When you do soups, you can add (and hide) tofu for protein balance, or cooked chicken, shrimp etc. If you don't wall it all smooth, but having texture, all you do is save out some ingredients and add them the last few seconds.

Desserts are great, too. You can literally make ice cream in about 45 seconds! or Sorbets, Sherbets of all flavors. I strive to have as nearly a no-food-waste kitchen as possible, and the VitaMix also helps with that. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, I don't throw out apple cores, skins, and seeds any longer. All the Vitamin C loaded strawberry leaves go right into my smoothies. No orphan veggies, cheese bits, tofu leftovers, even coffee gets frozen and it's all used. One thing you would learn quickly is that it doesn't matter how "ugly" appearing something is, something you wouldn't serve as is, but can be great tasting in a VitaMix concoction.

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I'm a new 750 Vitamix owner and am shocked at how much I am mesmerized by this machine. If you've scrolled through a few other appliance posts, sorry to sound like a broken record.

After using every cheap imitation under the sun to save a few $, I ditched them all as I wanted a whole food smoothy with no bits - just pure silk - using greens, raw fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, you name it.

I went on YouTube and watched all the product demos, and zoomed in on the VM, w the 750 having a shorter profile AND fun presets - I was already paying big $, might as well go all the way.

I've been using it everyday since I purchased it just about a month ago. The nut butters - omg!! Peanut w sunflower seeds is our favorite so far, but the chocolate and hazelnut... And cashew paste... And cleaning - this is the easiest appliance I've ever cleaned. No need to take apart the blade. Soapy water, hit the clean cycle and watch it take care of the rest.

I think oldbat2be recommended a recipe thread?

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I can't stand it! I need a vitamix fix!
Just figured out- tax refund is on its way! Cha Chung!
Usually DH has taxes calculated precisely (three years in a row- on first draft the total taxes=$0.00).
We refinanced and failed to adjust the withholdings, so tax error in our favor.
Now just have to convince DH...

MGB-love your infomercials. I feel like I am an infomercial when I tell peeps about out Migun massage bed....We could go on the road together- LOL!

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I have had a Vitamix for about 3 years. The one I purchased has a setting for soups, a setting for smoothies, and one for ice cream. I like it that I can just set it on those instead of trying to figure out which number to set it to. Needless to say, I love it!!

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I just received a Vitamix 7500 reconditioned (Looks completely new) two weeks ago, and my life literally has changed since then. This weekend, I stumbled upon a Blendtec Roadshow at local Costco. After seeing the demo, I bought home the Blendtec and will return the Vitamix (with its 30 day guarantee).

I should say, I would be a very happy customer if I just kept the Vitamix, but I chose to go with Blendtec for following reasons:
1) It's cheaper than my reconditioned Vitamix unit
2) The Blendtec has preset settings and my Vitamix does not (though some other models do)
3) Blendtec does not require a separate container to do some occasional milling, while Vitamix recommends a dry container, which is an extra expense.
4) Blendtec has a look that I like better (smaller)
5) Because I use Flaxseeds mill in my smoothie, sometimes, I get a few particles that cannot be washed away by the self cleaning feature (basically you run the machine with water and a drop of soap). I found that with Blendtec, it's easier and safer for me to reach my hand down to clean inside with a sponge.

But again, I would have been a perfectly happy user if all I had was the Vitamix. You really can't go wrong with either brand and any model. It's a life changer for sure!

A comparison between the two units I happen to have these couple of days because Vitamix will be on its way back soon.

There is no way my regular blender can handle chunks this large!

I literally had to push the lid down on the mix this packed, and the Blendtec handled it without any problem. (Vitamix had no trouble handle the amount either.)

I can live without the preset (if I chose to keep the Vitamix), but I do enjoy the feature when it's there.

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