CL find - mirrors

debo_2006May 15, 2012

Found 2 of these mirrors on CL and thought they were unique. I like the detail of the carving. They are 50 years old in excellent condition. Size is 51" x 22". Not sure what kind of wood they are. Asking price is $30 for both. What do you think of them? Second picture doesn't show well.

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Can't go wrong at that price.

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They were probably a pair of dresser mirrors; that used to be popular. The price is good.

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Good price, nice detail, and likely dresser mirrors as Dee said. I could see them hanging on the wall behind nightstands.

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Here's what Jan_in_Wisconsin did.........
I love the look~

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OOps ~It was there in preview..
Just check the link..

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Yes, they are part of a bureau (I asked the seller), though that didn't cross my mind when I saw them, but was wondering why they are narrow. Makes sense now. Dah. Love the clean lines. Jan was quite creative in the usage of her mirrors (thanks for sharing), though I'm planning on using them on a dining room wall if they work out. Picking them up today. Yep, $30 is a great deal.

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