My Independence Day project (table runner)

lindaoh_gwJuly 4, 2010

I have been working on my July table runner today. It is now ready for quilting.

Are you quilting today? I am taking vacations days all this week. I plan to sew, quilt, and swim.


Here is a link that might be useful: July table runner

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That's really nice. I'm sure it will look great quilted as well.

I'm doing some GFG parts today as I watch ballgames and events on the tube. I don't ever plan to finish it. It is just hand work for when I want to keep busy.

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Fun table runner! walked the dog ... had neighbors over for bbq - skipping the fireworks since it started raining/hailing here about 5:30 and it is STILL raining. I hope to finish cutting the last squares for a quilt (I miscalculated@!@)


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Nice table runner, just the right thing for the day. Hope everyone has had a bang up 4th.

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Nice table runner..perfect for the 4th. Hope everyone had a great day celebrating.

No quilting yesterday. We went to a restaurant for a meal........did some sightseeing. Back to quilting today.


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That's really nice, Linda. You sure have been keeping on track with your monthly tablerunners. Good for you!

My body must have thought yesterday was Labor Day as I did a few things around the house. Was playing on the laptop while watching the Ray's game, dozed off with my finger on the mouse........sigh.


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What a nice runner. Not TOO red-white-blue, but slightly muted; I like it! We went to church then to my folks' for a family picnic. Every year on the 4th and Labor Day we go there. A nice little farm (82 acres) with a built-in pool and everyone brings a dish to pass and their meat (usually dogs/burgers/brats). Dad fires up the grill and we have a great time. Ate waaaaaaayyyy too much, but took a swim with the grandsons and it was awesome. Am paying for so much time in the sun today: my upper chest and back are a pretty pink (and it is NOT my best color LOL!), and I can feel it on my face a bit, but it was soooooooo worth it.

Hope you all had safe and fun 4th celebrations!


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Very charming and energetic and, in the sprit of the holiday, fun!

I really love it. How lucky you are to have a whole year's worth of these!

We're celebrating today with a BBQ around the pool for the extended family. Our son is still far away in AR and won't be able to join us but but everyone else including his girlfriend (whom we adore) will be.

Last night there were fireworks at a community college/farm near us. We started the day with brunch with son's girlfriend's parents who were visiting her on a stopover between Scotland and returning home to the Bay area. And I spent the rest of the day preparing salads and a cake so there won't be much cooking -- just the BBQ items -- today.

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I love it. Nice touch for the holiday table.

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Well, a little late chiming in here... but trying to catch up on things.

DH & I spent Friday afternoon through Monday building a wooden playset in the back yard. We're now waiting on deliver of the slide and other components in order to continue.

Felt a little bad...not even a few fireworks for the kids.

I did get a few strip sets cut up for the guild's raffle quilt. Have a whole bunch more to do with this!

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