OT - Just an update on my life...all good news

fran1523July 24, 2014

I probably haven't even been missed but thought I'd update those of you who remember me. I used to be a pretty active member of the Forum and even attended three or four quilting retreats including the original. Well last summer (after being widowed for six years) I met a lovely man and have been more or less swept off my feet. I am now an official snowbird and spending my winters with him at his place in Florida and returning to Massachusetts for the spring and summer months. He is gentle, thoughtful, caring, respectful and I consider myself blessed to have met him. He gave me a beautiful diamond ring for my birthday as a sign of his commitment.

There is a pretty active quilting group at the community we live in but I didn't get involved last year because I didn't have any supplies with me. This year however, I am taking a small sewing machine, basic equipment and fabric and get involved.

Soon after we returned from Florida this spring, I bought a new condo and have been really busy in trying to get some painting and remodeling done before I move in. (As much as I love this man, I still want my own space.) Consequently I haven't even plugged in my iron since I got back and probably won't until I get moved and settled...hopefully mid to late September.

Well those are the highlights. Lots of other good stuff has happened to me but I won't bore you with all the details. I'll try to check in more often and admire some of the beautiful work you are doing.


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Fran, you have been missed and it is so good to hear from you! What wonderful news you are sharing, as well! It was really fun meeting you at Camp Cheerio ... maybe you can squeeze us in again this year????

Please stay in touch.

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Fran! So nice to see you post and to hear about this amazing turn in your life. Where are you in Florida? If it's the retirement community The Villages, I heard they have the largest quilt guild in the country, with over 900 members split into 17 separate chapters!!! Hard to imagine.


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Hi, I remember your name, but you disappeared shortly after I engaged in this forum. Wow, what a wonderful update... Congratulations! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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So happy that you have found someone to share your life with.
Good luck with your condo renos.
Welcome back.

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I have thought of you often since traveling with you to Camp Cheerio!
You picked out a (tanish) batik at Mary Jo's for me, to be used as a border for a quilt that we use every day. I also used it for the binding. It was completely different from the colors I was looking at - and it was the perfect choice! Every day, I am reminded of that fun shopping trip and you pulling out one perfect bolt of fabric after I had looked at hundreds.
I am so glad to hear you have found someone special and you are so very happy--Diamonds always help! LOL
Good luck with the condo renovations and hopefully we will meet again!
I am really pleased to hear such wonderful news about your new life. :)

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Wow, even though I only know your name on the forum it's always good to hear such upbeat news. Congrats on your good fortune.

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Welcome back, Fran.....I mostly remember you from my first retreat, and if I remember right, you were planning a trip to an extraordinary place, south very, very south........did you go? Hope so!
So happy for your good fortune, everything is so much better when shared!

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Welcome back Fran! I remember you. We were in some block exchanges together.
Linda OH

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Welcome back, Fran! It's good to hear from you. So glad to hear your good news!

I second Kate's question - where do you stay in FL? She and I and Bobby are all in the Orlando area.


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I'm not in the Villages. We are located on the East coast in Port Saint Lucie. Thanks for all your good wishes.

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So good to hear from you, Fran. I had wondered about you. I'm happy this is working out. You surely deserve it. Do the girls like him, too? Bet they are glad you aren't alone.

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Congratulations on your new found happiness and bright out look for the future. I do remember your post and look forward to having you back with us. Enjoy the moment.

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Such happy news, Fran! Congratulations! You sound so happy in your post.

Good to hear you're getting back into quilting... it's hard to find time when so many changes are taking place. That special man might just need a special quilt just for him!

Hope to have you more involved here, again! You were definitely missed!

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Since it is all happy news, you are forgiven. Congratulations and welcome back.


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Hey Fran. How could I forget my 'roomie' from the first retreat? :) Congratulations on such great news!


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