Using 'indoor' furniture on porch

ncamyMay 15, 2010

What would I need to consider in order to use non-outdoor furniture on my 20 x 17 screen porch? Budget's getting tight and I was thinking that I could maybe use our old breakfast table (wood top, iron base) out there. But even more intriguing was my husband's idea to get a futon off of craigslist to use as the porch couch. I guess I could recover the mattress with an outdoor fabric but wouldn't it still get moldy? I see people on tv and on the internet all the time use a daybed or something similar so what do they do to prevent mold? DH said if he got yucky we would just throw it out and get another almost free one off of craigslist. We will have 30 inch overhangs so I doubt rain could directly hit any of the furniture, but the damp air is sure to get it. We live in the mountains of NC.

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I have indoor furniture on our 3 season porch. It's not a true screen porch because there are big slider windows, but during the spring, summer and fall, they are always open unless we have a driving rain. There's not enough overhang to protect from that. The space is not heated or air conditioned - whatever is outside is in there. The furniture also stays out there all winter - Chicago winters - so it goes from extreme heat and humidity to sub zero - no mold, no stinky furniture and it's been out there for years.

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oops - also meant to say that we have case goods on our porch, too - a large dining table, and some smaller wood pieces. We worried that they'd crack, warp - whatever. They've been fine, too. Now if they were really fine pieces, maybe not or if they had fragile veneers it would be a problem. I'm pretty amazed how well everything holds up out there.

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I live in the very humid deep south. As long as the fabric doesn't get wet it shouldn't mildew.

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You could always refinish the wood table top in something like marine varnish that is designed to withstand the elements. Position the futon so that it is as protected as possible from the rain. And the idea of making a futon cover out of outdoor fabric will help with fading from the sun.

I have indoor cushions on some outdoor furniture. While I try to remember to tuck them away at night, I forget most of the time. They have been soaked a few times by the rain, but I've just hung them up to dry in the sun and they're fine. They've been outside for 5 years now.

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