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npersyApril 2, 2013

Hello! We are about to start our kitchen remodel by rearranging our current cabinets and painting them white. I want to replace the awful laminate from the 80's that the previous owners left us. Our kitchen is a "u" shape so we'll have 2 corners, an apron front sink, and a cooktop cutout. Overall we're looking at around 65sq feet of countertop. I'm wondering if anyone has any fabricators they can recommend? I have 2 quotes already and it seems insane - they are both around 4k for just the fabrication! What is the going rate? I was expecting them to be less than home depot, but with the cost of the material and fabrication it's around $90-$100 sq ft, whereas I can get the same thing at HD for $50-$75. Help!!!

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I got 3 estimates, this company was the least expensive and did a great job.

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Are you a Costco member? They sub-contract to Duracite in Fairfax and you get a pretty nice discount through Costco. :) (We went through them for quartz, though, so I'm not sure on the price for granite).

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Awesome, thanks! I'll try both of those. Am I being unrealistic in thinking $70/sq ft for fabrication only is ridiculous?

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Have you selected your granite? We used Venice marble in Sanjose for vanity and laundry countertops which were a combination of remnants and prefab from them. The work was very good. We have also used KZ kitchen near ebay in san jose. They are mostly prefab but had a good selection. The workmanship was good.

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I recently used Quintals in San Jose who does both tile work and fabrication. Leandro is the owner and they have a person that helps with design named Cristina. She used to work at All Natural Stone and she has a very good eye for design. The best thing about Quintals is their service. Cristina came out to the job site and I showed her my selections. She made some very good suggestions and helped layout all the tile before the tile setter came. She also got me a fantastic discount on tile and slabs (from Davinci) and passed it all to me whereas some others would take a cut. On the ceasarstone fabrication, they actually made a mistake on the template and I thought they had ruined it but they stepped right in, knew the error and fixed it without hesitation. Most of all, these guys are just good, honest people who I actually enjoyed having in my house. There prices were extremely reasonable. I got 2 other quotes and Quintals was the best.

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Thanks! Haven't selected the granite yet but will keep those in mind!

Am I being unreasonable on thinking the estimates are high?

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Have you considered prefab? I ordered my granite from Jerong Marble in Hayward/Union City area, and they had by far the best selection I found anywhere!

We used them in our current kitchen and bought three prefab lengths each around 100' long for less than $1000, and we picked out on of the more expensive options.

We then had it fabricated by GraniteKraft for $2000, and this include cutting the back 4" off of the granite & polishing for a backsplash (some sizes don't need this to be done, I know, not very popoular but it was a temporary solution), one corner, undermount sink, stovetop, finishing two sides of a small island, AND installing a double sink counter in the master bath with two undermount sinks.

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I'll check my receipts when I get home and tell you exactly how much we spent on fabrication. Our fabricator is based in Hayward near the stoneyard so it all worked well.

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Thanks SMuFlo - I would appreciate it!

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Fori is not pleased

I used bracho in newark as well. They did a good job and I appreciated their guy (Henry?) saying things like, "You KNOW you're gonna stand on that to change your lightbulb so put in a better support".

We got our stone from All Natural in SJ. I like how they have prices on stuff (and the fabricators get a 10% discount they would hopefully pass on to you).

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Thanks all! We went with Bracho - he had the best price and has been more than helpful! Cabinets go in next week and they are coming to template next Friday! So excited!

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