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rosajoe_gwJuly 28, 2011

I was given EQ7 as a gift, it was preordered when they first came out with the newer version.

Like many of you I use graph paper and colors so I have never used it. I decided to take a class called 'EQ7 Sampler' with Quilt University to learn the software, the help and videos that come with it aren't really enough to explain questions. When I started the class I was still not sure if I would ever use it but I am on class 2 of 4 and I really am having a great time!!! It is loads of fun to play with different fabrics and colors.

ANOTHER QUILTING TOY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I don't think I'll ever give up my graph paper and colored pencils, but I do love electronic toys and have considered the EQ software many times. I'm so glad you're having fun with it! Can you save and post pictures of what you design?


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Rosa, I have EQ6 and I love playing with it! I need to review my materials from the 2 QU classes I took to get more out of it.

We're about to have our master bath remodeled and I'm really wishing I had some software that I could do the same thing with. I don't have the talent or the training to draw elevations and make them look like I think they will. :)


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Have fun with your new toy! I started with EQ5 and upgraded when the new versions came out. I now have EQ7.
I like to see how the blocks and quilts will look using the colors I have chosen.
Linda OH

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I have made so many notes and I need to start printing out the lessons to review after the class. Fran Gonzalez is great! After having our patio enlarged and screened in I don't envy you, I was ready to buy ear plugs after listening to them for a week. There should be some kind of software for remodeling, I know there is for decorating.
I agree I will still use my graph paper lol!! One of the things I really like is the notecard you can create for each block and quilt. You name the blocks and document all the info you want to and then you can search for it later by name.

Taking 1 block from sampler and setting on point

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It is so much fun to change the colors and so easy lol!!!! I am looking forward to learning more, I still have to refer back a LOT!!!!!

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