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goombahSeptember 17, 2011

I now make bread & butter onions, cold processed and then refrigerated. I'd like to send a couple of jars cross country, but I don't know how long they can go without refrigeration. Is it necessary to hot process them before sending? Thanks

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Why don't you post this over on the Harvest Forum.........someone there is sure to help you and it seems like no one is posting any helpful items here any more.
Wish Ginger and some of the others would come back and answer these threads.

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My mother routinely made cold-processed pickles. Her rule of thumb was keep refrigerated and eat within 6 months.

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Good morning!

Here is my pickled onion recipe passed on from my Mom:

Peel and wash onions. Place in canning jar. Add one tablespoon salt and red crushed pepper. How much pepper depends on how hot you would like your onions. While peeling the onions bring equal parts white vinegar and water to a rolling boil. Take your jars filled with onions and fill them with the water/vinegar mix. Cover right away. As the jars cool off it creates a suction. Turn jars upside down for 24 hours (don't ask why, I don't know, it's how I was taught to do it). After 24 hrs turn right side up. Wait two weeks and then enjoy. They last for at least a year. Good luck.

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