And another top finished!

msmeowJuly 19, 2014

I got these blocks last year in a birthday block swap. I only received 10 so had to make 2 more. The block is Woven RIbbons from Quilter's Cache. I started playing in EQ with one of their border ideas, one thing led to another, and this is the layout I finally decided on.

This is a closeup of the border fabric. I think it came from a friend of mine who was reducing her stash before she moved. I'm keeping this one for me so I thought the sewing fabric was appropriate! LOL

I now have 4 tops done. I think it's time to stop piecing and start quilting! :)


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Donna, I like this layout and I'm partial to brights as well...nicely done!

I know what you mean about time to get quilting. I spray basted 4 tops this morning (1st time I'm trying the spray baste), wow it was quick! Now to start the quilting.

Do you do your quilting or send your tops to a long armer?


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Congrats on finishing another quilt top. I love your quilt top,... it looks like ribbons. And I like the border fabric and how you did the corners on the border.

Best to you and yours,

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Bravo! I love the way you set them so that they truly look like ribbons. Also love the brights and you sure found a great border.

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Very nice. You did a good job choosing your layout and choice of border fabric. It was just what it needed. on to the rest of the

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I have always liked that block pattern and your borders just add to the overall look! Love it!

Val, Donna has a quilt frame & machine like mine, I think. A standard machine on a frame (Juki on a Pennywinkle frame)

And I fall into your group... I have 6 quilts sandwiched (if you count mom's) and ready for quilting! But I think none of mine will not be done on the frame this time.

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Donna, what a clever way to finish your top. I love the way you added the tails to the ribbons along with the red stripe. And your border print is charming. Very nice project.

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Thanks, everyone!

Val, I have a 9" Juki on a Hinterberg frame. It's great for baby quilts, wall hangings and lap quilts, but when you get into bed-size quilts it can be a challenge! But I do all my own quilting.

One of the tops needing quilting is my Celtic Solstice king-size. I'm hoping it will even fit on my frame. If not, I'll have to get creative. :)


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