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ziggy123September 12, 2012

Hi everyone! I was hoping to get a few ideas for some delicious finger foods that I can serve around an outdoor firepit. It's very casual - I guess really just some snacks I can bring out ( just happen to have). I just hate to bring out the can of nuts and plate of crackers and cheese....although I do love cheese.....! Thanks thanks thanks

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Good Topic, I would love to have some of those ideas also...

I know this is not finger food, however, my husband purchased a cast iron pot that he puts over with fire with a tri pod and puts in fixens for chili. Everyone loves that. Sitting around the fire with a bowl of chili that we all watched cook and everyone gets in on the stiring action. We also have done sliders on a grate over the fire, and boiled dinner in the pot. We get guests from several doors down with the smells.

I also make a huge batch of popcorn with butter, garlic and parmesean cheese. Huge hit. I do that inside on my stove top!

I will be watching for more posts


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anything on a stick...hot dogs, brat bits, fruit, meat balls chicken strips...big shrimp, chunks of cat fish...veggie kabobs. Just make bowls of stuff in a marinade and pass long handled sticks...or forks....no plates necessary.

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