Need suggestions pic

nanajayneJuly 12, 2012

I am having real issues with this hope it works this time I(#4)

I would like some suggestions for the borders of this quilt tip. It will be lap quilt.

I don't like the original plan for this and need some input.

I feel it needs something to lighten it up but not take away from the pattern.

I have given some thought to a white narrow inner border but have mixed feeling. All the help I can git will be

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Nice quilt, Jayne. When I look at the quilt, the color that pops for me is the gold. Maybe a narrow white inner border with a wider gold outer border and a darker binding? I think the gold would brighten the quilt.

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Ditto to what loisf said.
It's exactly what I was thinking.


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Beautiful quilt! If you have lots of leftovers from the top, you might consider adding a "piano key" type of border (either horizontal or vertical)with a skinny light or dark inner border for separation. I'm going to try to add a link to a quilt on the 3Dudes Quilting site that shows an example. If you don't have lots of leftovers, "keys" set in a border of one of the fabrics would be an option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt with Piano Key border

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