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nanajayneJuly 12, 2012

Having issues posting this, hope it works this time.

I would like suggestions on the borders for my double 4 patch top. I don't like the original and think it needs something interesting but not detract from the pattern. It will be a lap sized quilt.

I have given some thought to a narrow white inner border but have mixed feelings. Would appreciate you imput.

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I like the idea of a narrow white inner border then a simple outer border in a dark print. Make the outer border as wide as you want to get to the quilt size you want. Then I would bind it with a narrow binding in either a very dark almost solid color or that pretty gold you used throughout the quilt.

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Do you have enough yardage of one of the colors used for the large squares? Like perhaps the gold or rust or green?
I think this beautiful scrappy needs a small inner border out of one of the darker colors to 'stop the action' followed by a larger border from one of the colors or fabrics used in the large squares if you have enough.
This is a very lovely scrappy quilt, and a busy border will detract.
I'm anxious to see what others suggest.

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I'm not sure that I would use a white border next....but if you do, consider putting a black piping with it to frame the top, as Marsha said, 'to stop the action' of the top.


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Gorgeous!!! My first attraction to scrappy was from the Nickel Quilt books by Pat Spath and I didn't remember her having any borders but I looked her up and she has a new book, something like 'Nickels and Borders' lol!

Below is a link to a 'Double 4 Patch' pattern with finished quilt pics. The top one has a green border and most of the rest (maybe all) have no borders.

I like the no border ones myself.

Here is a link that might be useful: MaryQuiltsDouble4Patch

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I love those earth tones. Beautiful quilt.
I also think a thin dark border and a wider border in a medium tone - may be a gold or brown will be good. The dark border will stop the movement in your design but you can also try something that will continue the movement into the border. See bozogardner's Sunny Lanes quilt in the link below. I loved her setting and I had saved it to my clippings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunny lanes border

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I agree with magothyrivergirl and vast texas, but I'll bet there as many opinions and choices as quilters out there.

Best to go with what feels good to you.

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I'd go with a black border and then white binding.

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I think the quilt is gorgeous, and all of the ideas will give it a slighly different flavor. I'm partial to kate's suggestion, a white inner border and then a larger outer border. I would go w/ the outer border w/ a dark color- picking up from one of the darker blocks...perhaps the deep blue or red, to frame your lovely creation.

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Thank you everyone for all your ideas and suggestions. I can see the majority favor a darker inner border and I tend to agree. I really don't have enough of any of the fabric to do the outer border as I am using from my stash which is mostly 1/2 - 1/4 yds pcs.. I probable will have to buy something that works. I have enough of the burgandy with the gold that I could use as the inner border. That is a thought. I don't feel comfortable with black in this quilt as there isn't any in the fabrics I used. Mostly browns, greens,burgandy, purples,gold and some blues. The white is an off wow. I am thinking I might try and find the gold that I used in the corner sq. for a 2-3" border but I am still listening and thinking.
Vasu's suggestion is certianly inspirational but I am not sure I am clever enough to work it out but I am thinking.

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I guess I'm with K8 and V, my first thought was a narrow inner border of the WOW, and then a wide outer border in a color combo from the squares. Although, looking at it again this morning, I could see a wide WOW border with just some sparse applique on it and then use your scraps to chain together a binding. So many choices! It is a beautiful quilt.

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Why not print the picture in color (or even in black/white), then cut it out and lay it on another piece of paper. Try coloring in lots of different border options and see what you like best. I bet they ALL look good but one may appeal to you more than the others.


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