the escutcheon fight

karlsmomApril 2, 2013

DH claims it's a lot easier to install a faucet with an escutcheon because "they're already put together when you buy them". He says a deck mounted faucet comes with a lot of "little fiddly parts" that are difficult to manage. He put together one of these faucets for our bathroom 16 years ago and freaks out at the idea of no escutcheon for our new kitchen faucet. He said "You can get any faucet you want, EXCEPT one of those". This has been an ongoing argument, because of course, I want "one of those". One less layer to clean around, in my opinion. What's your experiencei installing this type of faucet?

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I don't understand. The only reason for using the escutcheon is to cover up unneeded holes in an overmount sink. Practically all faucets that come with an escutcheon these days can also be installed without it. The escutcheon is totally up to you--it's the exact same faucet with one piece that you either use or not.

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I'm a little confused, too. Do you currently have a three-hole installation and your DH wants to convert it to a single hole faucet? That would be the only reason to use an escutcheon that I can think of ... to cover up those two extra holes.

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He claims that faucets without an escutcheon have little bitty pieces that to be put together - he doesn't want to do this. I don't understand this either, but he is putting up a huge fight. Maybe I'll do it myself or hire a plumber. Yeah.

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It's for a new sink (kitchen remodel), I haven't chosen the sink yet.

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If the last time he installed a faucet without a deck plate was 16 years ago he will be surprised. They come all together now. At least that is my experience. I am not suggestion you buy your faucet at a big box store, but your husband can certainly go look at one and allay his fears.
Personally I hate deck plates and I would hire a plumber to install the faucet I wanted if my DH refused and I couldn't do it myself.

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I think the others are right. In fact, I could be remembering wrong, but I think my faucet may have even come with the optional escutcheon. therefore, all the other pieces are the same, fiddly or not. You are correct: less to clean around. Not having to use a toothbrush to clean around the back of the faucet is one of the bigger improvements in my kitchen. Maybe look up the installation instructions on line and prove that it is no different. If that doesn't work, get a plumber.

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Thanks localeater for your suggestion. I hate deck plates too. DH would have a stroke if I hired a plumber, but it might have to come to that.

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A plumber is cheaper than a lawyer. Just sayin'!

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Faucets are easy enough to install these days. Just do it yourself! No need for a plumber! I recently installed one with the escutcheon..only because I had 2 holes to cover. If I didn't need it, I would definitely go without the escutcheon as well!

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Thanks for your suggestion, he has agreed to make a trip to Home Depot to look at new faucets -

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The last kitchen faucet I installed (about 6 or 7 years ago) without an escutcheon was very simple. It's a KWC single hole faucet and I just dropped it into the hole, tightened a nut underneath to snug it up, and connected the lines. Now I also recently installed two Moen bathroom faucets (8" widespread) and they were more complicated, but not difficult either. I had a little trouble tightening down the handles under a pedestal sink, but that was because I didn't have the right tool.

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Tell him you will deal with the "fiddly" parts and he can tighten it onto the sink.

I just did a single-hole escutcheon-free faucet. There were FEWER fiddly parts than there would have been had we done the escutcheon, because they came separated.

I took off the washer and nut that go below the sink, slid the seal onto the faucet, stuffed the tubing and base through the hole in the sink and put the washer and nut back on.

No room for escutcheon anyway :)

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Not to nitpick, but every faucet has escutcheons. Whether a large plate spanning over three holes, a single round plate at the base of a single hole faucet, or if the faucet has a flange integrated into it as shown in the photo above.

The escutcheon simply covers the raw edge of the drilled hole(s) in your countertop.

On our bridge Kohler faucet, there are two escutcheons on the faucet, and then an additional one on the spray.

I don't know what 'fiddly' bits there are on a faucet. Certainly a simple single hole faucet is a lot 'simpler' than a three hole one, but all that complexity is below the counter top and has little to do with escutcheons.

If your husband can tie his shoes, he can install a faucet of whatever complexity you can possibly find. Not to be harsh, but it's a few gaskets/washers and nuts to tighten.

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I'm with you, Tim - I've installed a dozen or so faucets, without a problem.

I am hiring a plumber for our kitchen remodel, not to do the faucet, but the drain. It's a different sink, and while supply lines are flexible (therefore simple), drain lines are not.

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I am with the others who advised you to hire a plumber to install the faucet - there's likely other stuff for the plumber to do as well in your kitchen remodel. The thing is, if you buy a faucet without an escutcheon, and your DH installs it, and anything at all goes wrong with the faucet down the road, he will say "I told you so".

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Most faucets have their installation instructions online, usually with exploded diagrams showing all the parts. Find a faucet you like, and show him the instructions.

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