LOOKING for: cocktail sauce from scratch? sooo many tomatoes!

trumSeptember 15, 2007

I'm seeking a from-scratch recipe for cocktail (seafood) sauce that is safe for canning. There are lots of recipes for ketchup/catsup and I know that from there I can add the usual lemon (I prefer lime) juice, horseradish & worcestershire -- but what about the canning process? Does anyone have a tested recipe? Thanks!!

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Here's a thread about it from the Harvest forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Harvest Forum

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I checked out that thread before posting my question but it didn't help with a canning recipe, and while it may seem silly to actually preserve cocktail sauce when it is so easy to make up fresh, I am hoping to give it as christmas gifts, a bit more interesting than ketchup ... but thanks!

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Make whatever recipe for catsup you use. Add some lemon juice to taste...I use about 2 T. per cup of the catsup, and some horseradish. The amount depends on how hot you like your sauce and how hot your horseradish is. I would add grated root directly to the mix.
Taste and see if it needs to be hotter...if so add red pepper flakes to taste....and can like catsup.
Linda C

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