Really Bad Awful Horrible Photos...Hilarioius!

sylviatexas1June 10, 2014

I don't know if these are for real or not, but they're funny.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bad Real Estate Photos

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Funny and disgusting. lol Unfortunately, there are plenty of really bad, or confusing, real estate photos for blog fodder.

I saw a recent listing for a $600,000+ home that had a thumbnail that had me wondering how it could be of the back yard of the house for sale. So I clicked to enlarge the photo. Sure enough, my eyes were not deceiving me--that was a full shot of the track and field of the nearby high school. In fact, of the first seven photos for the listing, five were of the high school and one was of the community center. It wasn't as if there were no photos of the house to show--two dozen of those were eventually shown to prospective buyers later in the gallery. Sometimes I cannot believe this is the product of professionals and their source of livelihood.

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Those had me laughing out loud. I'd thought my own listing photos were less than good, they were flawless in comparison.

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I've got to get my hands on that book! The guy wearing nothing but a towel? (At least he didn't have a big pot belly)

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These are great! The "what's going on" pic took me awhile to figure out!

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Sylvia, these are hilarious. Post this link at the Table, too!

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I tried to copy some photos from a listing but it would not let me. In the listing we have the creepy guy by the sliding glass door looking well......creepy. Same listing there is a picture of the basement with a bed and two naked mannequins in an X-Rated pose. Classy!

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Funny! Not as icky as the house we visited last week with the dead mice, peat moss, and cat hair room though.

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I doubt these photos are real listing photos. No home and rental owner, or realtor and leasing company would be that stupid.

It is not that difficult to alter photos with tools such as Photoshop. The photos are being used to generate traffic to the site - What "name" is that site???

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I saw a new listing today that had 2 photos of flowers. Close ups like amateur photographers like to take. I'm not sure what they had to do with the house. They didn't show the yard at all.

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Azmom, many of those types of photos are from distressed homes, foreclosures and fixer uppers, a number of them headed to auction. It there are people residing in the house, often they do not want it to be sold. So staging is not in their best interest. For other listing photos, the owner's taste may not be widely shared. Or the odd-looking feature may have a reason that is not clear when taken out of context. Homes being marketed to investors/flippers more often have extensive damage showing in the photos, because it will not be shocking to the intended buyers.

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If you want some real ones, check out

I'm totally addicted to that site! They're all real listing photos except when otherwise noted. It's run by a real estate agent in the Phoenix area.

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Recently saw a listing where it was so obvious that it was a marriage split. Sink full of dishes, empty bottles of beer and liquor on the table and rooms 1/2 furnished or empty. I just have to laugh at what some realtors think is marketing.

One had a photo of a micro scale and a bag of weed beside it. Another a grow op with the lights up but no product.

There are some stupid people up here I tell you.

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Thank you for a good laugh! I don't care if they are real or not, they're funny!

The blog site Hooked on Houses has an archive of actual bad real estate photos that are worth checking out.

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