RECIPE: An interesting breakfast dish.

danainSeptember 10, 2005

...And very, very good!

I don't usually cook like Paula Deen but every once in a while she comes up with something good and different and this one is that. The cornbread is crisp on the outside and soft inside, the apples crunchy and the sausage salty with sweet syrup making this a carnival of texture and flavor.

Piggy Pudding (I don't really care for the name!)

14 to 16 link pork sausages

2 large or 4 small apples (Yellow Delicious or Granny Smith); peel, core and slice

1 (8 1/2 oz.) package yellow cornbread mix

Ingredients to prepare cornbread mix

Sage to garnish and maple syrup for serving

Preheat oven to 400°. Cut sausage links into bite-size pieces and pierce with a fork to let the fat out as they cook. Brown sausage links in a skillet until no longer pink; drain well on paper towels and lay in a single layer in the bottom of an 8-inch baking dish. Arrange apples on top of sausages. Prepare cornbread according to directions on the box and pour over all. Sprinkle with finely minced sage for garnish. Bake 20 to 25 minutes until cornbread is golden and cooked through.


*Recipe from Paula Deen. Her recipe called for an oven temperature of 450° and bake 30 minutes in an ungreased pan (cornbread was getting too brown on top and still soggy in the middle). She also left the sausages whole and used tart apples such as Granny Smith. Garnished with sage after baking.


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Marilyn, this sound very good. I'll be getting a couple of bushels of apples soon, my favorites are not ready yet, but when I do this will be fun to try.


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Marilyn, I've copied and pasted - along with your pics...thanks for sharing this. I love a good breakfast type casserole. but I agree...let's call it something different - lol.


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We don't eat meat. Course I could use "fake meat" but I recently tried a good crockpot recipe with cabbage and granny smith apples. It was unusually good and really couldn't tell (specifically) when eating that apples were included. So I think I may try this recipe without the sausage. I'm thinking that granny smith apples may be a nice little seasoning trick that may work in numerous recipes. Thanks for posting.

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I always like the combination of apples and pork, so this sounds very good to me. I don't even mind the name. Piggy Pudding works for me!!


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Well I don't care for sausage AT all (tho I'll eat scrapple so it's not for being 'that' kind of fussy) but I think this dish, with breakfast links and the sweetness of apples, would certainly appeal to children ESP with the name Piggy Puddin'.

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Fake sausage is great, I use it all the time. Even good for carivores who are trying to cut down on fat and cholesterol. Morningstar Farms is my brand.

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Marilyn, do you think this could be doubled and made in a 9 x 13 pan with no problems? I wouldn't want the middle to be underdone, but I think it would be okay.

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This looks really good and since it is cold and snowy here right now I think it will make a great winter breakfast!


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Alexa, this is a surprise after so long! This is one of my favorites. Funny thing is that this picture shows up as viewed several times almost every week in my Picturetrail email.

I'll be anxious to hear how you like it. It got great reviews on the Food Network site.


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Did you look at what time I posted? LOLOLOL!

I couldn't sleep last night, and usually when I am awake in the middle of the night I will cruise the forums, but last night I was pretty well caught up. I randomly clicked on a page from long ago (42 pages ago I think) to see if I had missed anything. Piggy Pudding was it! LOL!

Anyway, I am going to ask woodies question again - do you think it could be doubled and cooked in a 9 x 13? I am having a few for brunch in a couple of weeks and I would love to add this to the menu. I guess I could just make 2 pans of it... that woudl be simple enough LOLOLOL!


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LOL Alexa , look at the time of my postings on the CF last night......we need to sign on to IM together and chat the night away! LOL

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Alexa, from a cooking time viewpoint, an 8 x 8 and a 9 x 13 are virtually the same. What counts in a dish like this is the depth. And for that they are equal.

So, the short answer is, yes. Go ahead and double up. Then monitor the doneness of the cornbread.

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Alexa, yes it will be fine in a 9X13-inch baking dish. When I spoon on the corn bread batter I like to leave space in between so it will cook through.

I smiled really big at your throwing a dart at 2:00 a.m. I think I was up at that time too!


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Soooooo okay, pals, it only took me two years to get an answer:-)

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I wasn't around when you asked it, Kiddo, or I'd have responded then. Sorry. :>(

BTW, that "thickness" issue applies to a lot of things. Our interest, in terms of timing, is how long it takes for the middle to cook.

The classic case is fish. Rule of thumb is to cook fish 10 minutes per inch of thickness at the thickest part. So, a hunk of salmon two inches thick by 8 inches long will take just as long to cook at a whole side of salmon, 2 inches thick and 20 inches long.

It's why, too, we don't have to seriously adjust the cooking time when we're baking several loaves of bread as opposed to just one.


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LOL Woodie! So sorry about that. It was probably during one of my "have too much to do" or "had enough of the CF" funny.

No matter what size the pan is I've found that with cornbread or like a biscuit batter spread on top can be tricky. That is why I leave a little space between the dollops so the heat can distribute more evenly.


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Hey Marilyn.... I'm glad you are caught up with the "have too much to do" and are over the "had enough of the CF" times....I missed you.


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The whole family loved this one. It is definitely a keeper.

THansk for sharing the recipe, Marilyn!


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Thank you Nancy!

And you are very welcome Alexa!

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