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ceezaahSeptember 22, 2010

I need help. I've been asked to cook french fried potatoes for a large family day (actually 2 days) at a local farm.

They already have a commercial fryer and a machine to cut the potatoes into fries.

The gathering has drawn hundreds of people and gone through hundreds of pounds of potatoes in the past, this is an annual event.

How should the potatoes be prepped and at what temperature should they be fried?

We plan to use peanut oil.

I'd appreciate any information I could get.


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Peel--or just wash, cut and parboil potatoes for about 10 minutes. Then lay them out on a tray to dry. This cuts down on cooking time and makes sure they are cooked right through. This can be done the day before or just before as long as the potatoes are dry to go in the oil.

Once they are dry you can pack them in airtight plastic bags, refrigerate, and use them the next day.

The oil should be at 350 degrees.

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