Cabinets: Any recommendations for Woodmode or Brookhaven?

jclaApril 29, 2008

Our local International Kitchen and Bath Exchange deals only in Wood-Mode and Brookhaven (also by Wood-Mode) cabinets. Has anyone had any experience with these brands of cabinets? How do they compare to other brands as far as quality and cost?

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I priced out the Brookhaven line during my cabinet search. They are nice semi-custom cabinets (WoodMode is the custom line). The quality of the cabinets seemed good - nice undermount drawer glides, dovetailed drawers, plywood boxes and solid wood doors etc. They had a nice array of door styles and finishes available. I didn't go with them since I found another brand that offered comparable quality at a significant savings. The estimate I got for Brookhaven was $18,500 for a 17x15 kitchen with a U shape and a small island. That price included a few glass fronted upper cabs, 2 rollouts, spice drawer, trash pullout and a few other bells and whistles. I can't recall the exact specs since it was a while back and our eventual design was a little different than the one I had when I got the Brookhaven quote. You may want to shop around a bit so you can get a better comparison than just all WoodMode products (I'm assuming the WoodMode would be even more $$). That being said, I did like the cabinets as I mentioned before and they are nice quality.

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I don't have them yet, but decided to go with the Brookhaven perimeter and a Woodmode island. I've gotten quotes on Medallion, Omega, DutchMaid, Showplace and Shiloh. Brookhaven was on the upper-middle end of this group, but I'm confident the supplier took everything into consideration, which I wasn't on the others. I would say it ranks above the Medallion for sure and only slightly above Showplace or Shiloh, since the costs were very close.

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The cabinents that we are taking out are Brookhaven. they were probably installed in the 80s and are white laminate. the laminate bubbled and looks bad. But it's a couple decades old so maybe that is typical? and if not, just because brookhaven perhaps produced not so good stuff back then doesn't necessarily mean it isn't producing good stuff now. So i would take my bad experience with Brookhaven with a grain of salt! just thought I'd mention it though.

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We are about to order Woodmode cabs (actually, opposite of jeanar . . . Woodmode perimeter and Brookhaven island). Don't have bottom line price yet, as we just made some changes, but I do think they are pretty pricey though high quality. Love the finishes on Woodmode, and I have heard they stay true for a long time (especially important to us since we're getting a painted/glazed finish). I have several friends who have been very happy with Woodmode.

I will say that, after having read many posts here re prices others have paid for their cabinets, I frequently wonder whether I should just ditch the Woodmode, pay half as much, and just deal with redoing my kitchen again in 15 years if the finishes/cabs don't hold up. I'm sure all the trends will be totally difference by then, and I'll probably want a change anyway. Don't get me started -- I could go back and forth on this for weeks!

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Well, I have gotten bids on Wood-Mode, Brookhaven, Shiloh, Plain and Fancy, Dakota, Crown Point and Custom Wood Products (a smaller shop in Kansas). For the same space, the Wood-Mode was in the $70,000 range!!!! The Brookhaven was $55ish (but Brookahven doesn't have soft close drawers, etc.) and the Dakota was in the 60s. The others were all in the 40s! So, for me, they were a lot more expensive. They looked nice, but not that much better than the others. The high bid helped me throw them out of my decision-making process.

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I put Brookhaven cabinets in my home 8 years ago. They were painted maple and held up beautifully. No chips or dings, and I have 3 kids and a big rambunctious dog. I moved last year into a house with 23 year old Wood Mode cabinets in a dark oak finish. They were in perfect condition! I'm putting in a new kitchen right now, going with a combination of Brookhaven and Wood Mode. I donated the old cabinets to Habitat for Humanity Restore and the driver who picked them up told me they'd me they'd be sold in a day or two. I do think they are pricey, but I just love the finish.

Oh, and I do have soft close on the drawers. There was an upcharge for soft close on the upper cabinets. Maybe different dealers include different bells and whistles. Good luck with your decision, hope this was helpful.

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Thanks, all. I haven't even requested an estimate yet; just took a quick look at Wood-Mode & Brookhaven in the showroom--and figured they were pricey. We did get a bid from the cabinet shop that built our cabinets 23 years ago; they've tripled in price. (Not surprising, of course.) They're great cabinets, but we're considering changing the layout, which would require getting new cabinets. If we stay with the current layout, we'll probably just paint the cabs. (They're oak, and we're ready for a change--probably to creamy white perimeter and espresso or mahogany island.) We have a fairly good sized kitchen, but not many upper cabinets, since we have a lot of windows.

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Woodmode and Brookhaven (made by Woodmode)cabinets are excellent. In 2009 Builder On-line magazine rated these cabinets as #1 in quality. If you like to see a sumary of Builder-Online rating report go here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Builder Architect Maryland Virginia Washington DC

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I'm reviving this old topic as I am remodeling my kitchen and considering Brookhaven cabinets. However, I am on a tight budget and need to consider other good quality custom cabinets for less. Afr66 -- what line did you end up going with? Has the quality held up?

If anyone knows of a line similar to Brookhaven but less expensive (not big box stores), please let me know.

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My mother has just done a reno on a house with 28 yr old wood mode oak cabinets that were in FABULOUS condition! She replaced her kitchen with Brookhaven cabinets and a wood-mode hood. It has been 2 years and the hood is a mess!! It is cracked and separated and really looks awful. wood-mode has said they will replace it but with the backsplash installed we are not sure how they will be able to do this. I also had moved into a house that had an 6 yr old wood mode cherry kitchen that was very worn out. I didn't witness the prior owners and how they kept the house so I'm not sure if it was just the owners being hard on a kitchen but in the 6 years that we continued to live in the house it held up much better. That being said I am currently doing a major reno and have priced out Brookhaven and Crystal cabinets with my prior contractor. The Crystal quote was 37,000 compared to 47,000 for Brookhaven. I have since switched contractors and am using someone who has worked extensively with Wood-mode and no longer recommends them. He claims that they have gotten too big and that the quality has waned. He said that the installation process using them is terrible and has recommended Fieldstone cabinetry. I haven't gotten the final quote from them yet be he expects to be in around 33,000. We'll see, good luck!

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The negatives about Woodmode and Brookhaven scare me because I've been considering the same. Mostly because I want a white kitchen, am not a DIYer and the KD we want to use carries that line for paint finish. My sister has cream Woodmode that are now 10 years old and in perfect condition even with 2 sporty kids that are now 13 and 15. Has the quality degraded over the years?

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I do not recommend Wood Mode cabinets. Our local dealer was a nightmare who made not just numerous mistakes but expensive mistakes. She would not pay for or fix the problems she created. Also I found the cabinets to be what I call low end. I wish I had been told that Wood Mode ships in 6 ft. lengths because it is cheaper than shipping longer pieces. This created numerous unnecessary seams. The worst was Wood Mode offered no help because they are more interested in keeping the relationship with the dealer and not the client. They do not stand behind their product.

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I've had 2 woodmode kitchens and a brookhaven kitchen renovation in 3 different houses and very pleased with all of them. the most recent was 3 yrs. ago and the first was 25 yrs ago. All were white or off white and even though I love them and would do it again you have to be prepared to have some marking on the fridge door and the garbage door - and if you have people around that are a little careless you have to wash the cabinets by the handles from time to time and they'll be fine - be careful of the kicksplash too. get the paint and glaze to patch up the spots. I had the same kitchen person do all 3 and went with them after pricing big box and other woodmode dealers - they are not all equal. initially I got an estimate for brookhaven cabinets way more expensive than the dealer I went with and none more willing to work with my ideas. the brookhaven renovation was a small condo kitchen where we didn't want to spend a lot - they were able to offer more for roughly the same price as a big box store and the service was so much better. my last kitchen was abt 10 yrs after the last one (different house) roughly the same size - the cabinet prices were abt the same - I think there was a special pricing event both times and the stuff that was all wood before might not be now, but the quality is great. my current kitchen is white with a glaze, gray caesarstone perimeter counters and an island with Calcutta marble. the dealer I used is pentermann's in Manasquan nj and they were great - Virginia and her husband and their installation guys are great too.

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Seashell8855, I wonder if your cabinet dealer would come up to NJ? Any pictures?

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I have Brookhaven. Initially I was disappointed as I had a sidewall blow out due to a very heavy drawer that should have had heavy duty glides. It took awhile to resolve. Brookhaven was willing to replace the lower cabinet with a plywood base but the risk of messing up the countertop and BS worried me.
We resolved it with a drawer inside of a drawer - a pullout drawer and heavy duty glides.
The cabinets are 2.5 years old and look brand new.

Would I use again
Maybe but would look at custom cabinets as well

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a2gemini, what width were your drawers that did this? I am thinking I am going to have to not have drawers over a certain size so this will not happen to me but the more drawers and more cabinets for the same space cost more. Thank you for the warning. Any pictures?

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NYSE2502, thank you for the warning! I will when I am ready revisit Shiloh, Crystal, and now Fieldstone. I have others I am thinking of also. What is holding everything up is my deadlines, teeth problems and still having to tie up the claim with the insurance company for the floors outside of the kitchen as I finished the kitchen floors and love them. They are not being fair to me. Meanwhile, I am learning a lot and have counter samples all over my counter and I am seeing which pieces are getting water marks and stains and which are holding up.

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My parents have Woodmode cabs installed about 1984. They are still perfect. Highly recommend if you can afford them.

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It was my 42 inch drawer - this should have red flagged from BH and KD as I ordered a pegboard dish separator as well.
Drawer was 30 lbs, pegboard insert 8 lbs. Dishes 75 lbs and a weight limit of 75 lbs. I did ask if the drawer was included and indicated not part of the weight limit.

Here was the solution - it works great and actually holds more the the drawer alone. I only wish I asked for a dip to make it easier to open - but haven't nuked any fingers in any case. I also included a link to the failed drawer issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe for disaster - failed drawer

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