looking for: app/finger foods on a budget!

eileenlaunonenSeptember 28, 2009

I was wondering if some of you could share some tasty but reasonable appetizers and finger foods for a party im hosting. Looks like we have approx 30 women at 7:30 at night so they will have already ate dinner. The responsiblity is on me to provide all pickings but im kinda short this month on $$$ as the kids wiped me out with school clothes,supplies and band rentals. All ideas welcomed TIA....Doing LindaC Raspberry Wings,Veggie Platter w/dip and Spinach Bread dip.

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Well....beans are always good....
you can make your own bean dip for about a dollar....just boil some pinto beans with a little onion until they are very soft and almost beginning to fall apart , about 1 1/2 hours, drain and cook dry....mash and add salt and lots of black pepper.
You can make "crisps" by buying a loaf of day old french bread....one of those skinny baguettes, slicing thin about 1/4 inch, spray with butter flavored cooking spray and sprinkle with a little garlic salt and dried dill weed....and bake at 300 until very dry and slightly browned.
Deviled eggs are cheap and everyone loves them.
How about little smokies in BBQ sauce?
That hot appetizer....forget what I call it so can't find the recipe...but it's sour cream and mayo mixed with shopped green onions and parmesan cheese spread on a toasted English muffin and then cut into quarters and heated until hot...
Or any assortment of little sandwiches...tuna salad....egg salad....chicken salad...or make tiny brioche rolls and put a smear of honey dijon on them and a slice of ham.
you don't always have to serve Brie and shrimp or crab dip.
Linda C

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This may sound ordinary but I'm always delighted when I find a bowl of salsa and good taco chips beside it. Last week I went to a cookout at a relative's house and she had chips and southwest? salsa from WalMart that I couldn't stop eating because they were so delicious (she bought them because of the low fat content). Just put them out in attractive bowls :)

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What about watermelon and cantalope served in half the cleaned out melon rind or a bowl. I would think one melon and one catalope would do it or just melon if you want or add a honeydew.

I have done that several times and it always look like you went to alot more trouble and expense than you did.

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At 7:30, after dinner, how about desserts - brownies, cut small; mini cupcakes, cookies, fruit, decaf tea and coffee.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I was at a baby shower recently and the most popular item was a tiered plate rack of cupcakes all beautifully piped with cream cheese frosting. And there were lots of other yummy things.

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Honestly? I can't picture a group of women tearing into a platter of chicken wings. To me that is more game day food than evening refreshments. I think if you did the veggie/dip, spinach/bread dip, a platter of fresh fruit, and something sweet like brownies or mini cupcakes that would be a gracious plenty. A sweet bread like lemon bread or banana nut bread would be a lot easier than cupcakes. Just slice rather thick slices and half them.

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I would go with sweets, fruit and some cheese or a cheese ball.

Like Teresa I can't picture women digging into ribs especially after dinner.

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So i just found out all the guys are coming at 9:30 for cocktails and munchies LOL!!!

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I agree with Linda C. Deviled eggs are always the first thing to go and it doesn't get any cheaper than that. Sweet and sour meatballs or any kind of meatballs can be made ahead and frozen...pigs in a blanket easy...cheese ball, easy, men love Braunschweiger pate'. Cookies or any cake that can be made in a 9 x 13 pan and cut into small pieces....carrot cake, German chocolate etc.

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9:30 AM???????
Please tell me that's P.M.!!!

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