Quilter's Dream Wool Batting

kay_in_paJuly 31, 2011

Has anyone used this product?

I really want to switch to wool, but have no providers locally to do the "touchy/feely test".

Or has anyone used ANY brand of wool batting and have an opinion about it?



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Kay~I cannot believe this!! I called them on Monday and asked for a sample that I received on Wed. I haven't used it yet, but it feels wonderful. They are located in Virginia Beach - I used to have a store not far from them.
I hope to get my sample square made up soon and washed.
I plan to combine it with a cotton batting - you heavily quilt around the wool batting, and when washed, the wool batting poofs up to create a faux Trapunto.
Call and ask for a sample.
I am interested if anyone has used it.

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I haven't quilted with it but I did have a longarmer use it in one of my quilts. The loft and feel of the finished quilt was wonderful.

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I did a baby quilt with the Quilter's Dream wool. It needles very easily for hand quilting. To me, it comes off as loftier and lighter than cotton. It's warmer, and wool is fire resistant, so good for baby blankies. The stitches stand out more, and the drape is less fluid. I wouldn't say it's stiff or anything, but slightly more comforter-ish. It's compressed in the bag/on the roll when you see it in the store. When you get it home and laid out it will puff up a bit, to about 1/4 inch anyway. Hobbs Heirloom wool batts puff up a bit more than QDW, too much for me. The Hobbs was still easily compressed with the stitches, but somehow I disliked quilting it so I picked out and started over with Quilter's Dream Cotton. I haven't seen the baby quilt much since my niece lives in another town, so I don't know how it's been washing.

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I uses Quilters Dream Wool batt on the quilt I hand quilted for myself last year. I would highly recommend it.
It was very nice to quilt, feels wonderful and was warm and light to sleep under. I liked that it was folded and not rolled which made it easier to sandwich. If wool weren't as expensive as it is I would use is for all my projects but can't justify the cost for some of the things I make.

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Thanks everyone. I have a wool mattress pad on my bed (Cuddle Ewe) and I love it... year round. So I was planning on using wool for the quilt I'm making for my bed.

Due to the lower cost, and firmer feel, I may stick with cotton for wall hanging type projects, but do think I'll switch to wool for anything that will be for cuddling under. I haven't found any locally, but there is an Ebay dealer who carries it.

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