Anyone want to take a crack at a layout for a potential kitchen?

tam184April 12, 2013

I've been looking at houses recently and here is one I'm considering. Haven't seen it yet, but the kitchen kind of scares me. Here are the floorplan and some photos from the listing. Hoping to go see it during an open house and will try to get more info and photos.

I'm not looking for a "true layout"... Just want to make sure I can work something out for a future remodel if we are seriously considering the house. I'm thinking that little wall next to the fridge can be taken out and cabs/counter can be extended. Maybe still keep a narrow island, but perhaps not a permanent one. How would you layout out the work zones in a kitchen like this? The perimeter walls have baseboard heaters, which I would like to not touch unless nothing else works.

I can see an L-shaped banquette (under the windows on on the wall shared with the mudroom) in the breakfast nook, but is it too narrow to fit a banquette and table? I guess there is definitely not enough room for chairs on the other side.

I'm the main cook, but my husband helps out sometimes. And as the two girls get older, I'm sure they'll be in the kitchen with me.

Thanks for your help!

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with 19 by 11 and a mudroom and breakfast nook you'll have a variety of options available. I wouldn't get too detailed just yet.....the thing that looks awkward to me is the two windows situated high on the exterior wall. I'd want to have budget to pull those out and get bigger windows. Maybe the breakfast nook and mudroom were added on and there was a table under those windows at one time.....and the odd window at the end of the counter??-those window openings would need attention.

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The windows could work with a high back upolstered bench tucked under them. It actually makes a sweet nook.

I'm not sure how much room you have extending out from the island, but I was actually imagining a chunkier island.

Of course, there are times when I'd just kill for some character. And, a mudroom. :)

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Also wondering if you could block that doorway from the foyer and move the kitchen that direction and out of the nook area. Just seems it would be a lot more functional to get all of the kitchen into one space.

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I didn't even think about those high windows! Will have to check them out when we see the house.

Steph - Interesting idea closing off the opening to the foyer. That would allow me to put the kitchen proper on one side away from the nook and to get a long counter run. And since there is a mudroom, access with groceries can be from the back of the house. And cons to that?

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As long as the house isn't on a slab, doing a remodel will be fairly standard. If it's on a slab, most of it will have to be jackhammered to get the water and drains where they actually need to be rather than all the way across the room from where they would work best. If it's on slab, I'd pass this house by unless it were really cheap.

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if anything, the foyer to kitchen passage would be smarter if widened and closet repositioned. You'd do better with a straight on view of a wonderful island and persons from foyer and descending from 2nd level wouldfeel this to be a destination.A downgrade would be routing everyone throught the living room...with no family room[not sure what green room is].... adding a day to day traffic lane in the living room is to be avoided.

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My suggestions would require dealing with your heat - maybe changing for toekick heaters or something but what I would do ideally is take down the wall between the breakfast room and the mudroom but leave the wall that the sink is on currently - remove that door and maybe lengthen it a bit if (would have to play with layout to see how much) - move the door to the outside where the window is into the mudroom swinging open the opposite direction against the wall with cabinetry on the wall facing the door as you walk in (back side of current sink), but uncramping that nice but tiny breakfast nook.

Then I would do an L of cabinetry down the wall with the funky windows and probably leave those corner windows and use the opportunity for a corner sink. those high windows don't bother me really and if they are not being used for a view I'd probably do nice stained glass in there and not spend the money on that particular structural change. I'd extend the L the other way too toward the foyer. Remove the cabinets on the wall to the mud room or do 12" deep pantry storage.

Then a nice big island that won't be cramped by that corner between the mudroom and the breakfast nook. Of course if that wall is the original exterior of the house (i is drawn looking very thin but that might not be accurate) and that corner is important for bearing, things would be a bit more cramped but could probably still work.

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