need a notion's box?

teresa_nc7July 15, 2011

It's that time of year again - back to school shopping! Those really cheap plastic pencil boxes make great notions boxes plus many more uses. I keep my Sulky 12 wt. thread in one and use another for small embroidery projects. A third serves as my money box for selling at the farmers' market and now I need another hold my wooden hammers as I am learning to play the hammered dulcimer! Like I need another hobby??? I'm gathering hobbies for when I can retire....yeah....that's it....

So check out your local "mart" for those pencil boxes on sale!


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Great idea! I absolutely love to hear dulcimer music. I have Christmas CD's with nothing but a dulcimer playing.


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I'm retired & STILL wish I had time to learn hammered dulcimer!

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Those pencil boxes are the best! I use so many that I may have to use my P=Touch labeler to tag them. I use for portable projects like grandmothers garden english paper piecing, yo-yo making box, for the "tools" to my serger and embroidery machine, my "hand sewing" kit, and I even keep pencils in one. lol
I lucked out last year and found one that is 12" long and 8" wide, use it for all my bobbins. It holds two of those round rubber bobbin holders. Gonna look for another one of that size. Very handy!

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When I first heard about using pencil boxes 'way back when' on this forum I wondered what took me so long to realize they have such good uses. I have several, and they are wonderful addition for many projects.

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Oh puleeze don't mention already buying school supplies! You know what I use for some of my notions? An old, old cigar box. When I was a kid, a cigar box was on the list of our school supplies along with a piece of oil cloth, an eight pack of crayons, mucilage, round-tip scissors, an eraser and a number two pencil. I guess they figured everyone knew someone who smoked cigars. It probably wouldn't fly anymore.

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LOL, calliope! I used to love, love to shop for school supplies as a kid. Now I still go pick up pencil boxes, report folders, scissors, etc. when I know they are on sale or when we have the "no tax" weekend here in NC. New school supplies meant the start of the new school year, new friends, new adventures, a new teacher, maybe a new school, and bright promises for great things to come. Along with some new clothes and shoes for the start of the school year, we would get a new haircut too.

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I still love to shop for school supplies. Don't forget the washable markers can be used for quilting and the french curve, compass, and protractor can be used to make designs. And on tax free weekend many things that are not necessarily "school" can be purchased, like computers.


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I used the pencil boxes too. They were 50 cents and now they are a dollar on sale!
Don't forget the washable glue lol!!!!!!!

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