Granite countertops in nassau ny

madsicApril 2, 2013

Hello im looking for granite countertops to go with cherry cabinets. I really like typhoon bordeaux and cream bordeaux. Also found out these fall into the exotic category which means there more money. Im just looking for other choices and also if any one knows any good granite yards in long island nassau county ny thanks in advance

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FMI Valley Stream did a great job in my kitchen.
I used a stone yard on Old Country Road west of Meadowbrook that he reccomended , I was pleased with both, good work and customer service,

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Ok thank you ill check it out

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I didn't think typhoon was in the pricey range. I have Colonial Gold which is similiar in coloring, but a little calmer. You might want to look at that because some slabs have more movement than others.

There are lots of granite yards in Westbury and Farmigdale. You can go and look at slabs, but the problem is you need a fabricator. I got my granite at Cosmo Tile in Locust Valley. They have some slabs (less than Farmigdale yards, but still a nice selection) and I was happy with them.

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Holly- Kay

One thing that I found out researching granite is that a granite that is considered an exotic at one yard will not necessarily be an exotic at the next yard. Netuno Bordeaux was my first love but I lived with a sample of Autumn Harmony and fell in love with it!

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Your right holly I found a typhoon Bordeaux at farmingdale yard and it wasn't considered exotic. Still trying to decide so many choices. Harvest Bordeaux, cream Bordeaux, oceanicgold and on and on. I'll post which 1 decide on. And I think o found a fabricator in freeport so far the price quotes are awesome

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