Ikea Kitchen Planner: Adding custom island??

buildinvaApril 3, 2013

I'm using the Ikea Kitchen Planner but cannot figure out how to add a custom island in the dimensions I want. I've googled, searched here, and experimented for over an hour with the software (which is very counter intuitive for me). I'm beyond frustrated. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!

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You will probably have better luck getting advise at the ikeafans website.

I would probably add a sizable appliance or table in the spot just to help with proportions. That said, I'm no pro. I can't get it to do fillers like I want or reversing my drawers in the dead space (so facing my dining area, instead of kitchen).

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You will get great advice where the Ikea experts hang out. The forums at ikeafans.com


Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea forums

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I do not remember how, but there was a combo of keystrokes -- not mentioned on the planner instructions -- that would allow you to set a cabinet just where you wanted it, detached from the "force" that insists on dragging it to the position of its choice.

I used this to set cabinet bases for an island, pulling them this way and that to play with the outside dimensions.

If it's still possible, they will know how to do it over on ikeafans.

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