Soap dispenser, yay or nay?

threeapplesApril 25, 2013

My counter fabricator is strongly suggesting I get a soap dispenser. The one to match our faucet is something like $400. Do any of you have a soap dispenser built-in? Do you like it? Any comments against getting one? Thanks.

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I love mine with the NeverMT. Are you sure it MUST match your faucet? There are lots of simple cheaper alternatives.
The convenience of just pumping is great, and no cleaning required. I use Dawn for both dishes and hands.

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That's all I was going to post, but I'll add that I like the soap dispenser so much that I've also put them in our master bath and plan to put them in my child's bath when we put solid countertops in there. If you do, though, be sure to get the Never-MT.

I don't think I'd buy a $400 dispenser, though---my kitchen sink didn't even cost $400 (LOL)! But I wouldn't want to do without one after having one for over 20 years in the kitchen.

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Never had one until a month ago, when our 23 year old faucet died. The
replacement, a Moen, came with the materials (hose and stabilizer) to
make our own Never MT.

The faucet didn't come with a soap dispenser, but for $40, we bought
one at HD in the same finish (brushed nickel), though not exactly a match
in style. Doesn't matter. Hooked the Moen hose up to a BJs sized container of Joy, and have been happily pumping away ever since.

Wouldn't do without one in any future kitchen!

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Our faucet is copper and unlacquered brass and the ones I'm finding are not in those finishes. I'll look
At the never mt.

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I love my soap dispenser, and would hate having a soap bottle separately on the counter - they get slippery, and soap drips down the sides. And when the soap gets to the bottom of the bottle it's a PITA to get the soap out of the bottle, and it's easy to tip over. Having said that....$400??? I gotta ask - can you provide a link to that one? Or the name? I think the most expensive soap dispenser I've seen is less than half that.

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Is he selling this? lol $400, nope.

I kind of wish I had one but people I know have said they're a real pain. They're messy and leak. Of course, they are not $400 ones! But that's simply crazy, threeapples!

I've got a lovely old bottle that I'm going to put a pretty metal spout thingy on. Not sure if there are any decent looking pumps around. But I hope to work something out.

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I have one. Love the convenience. I don't mind refilling it every 4-5 days. I don't have the Never MT.

I would definitely spend the money and put it in. 8 years in.

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I have a Kohler. It is a pain to refill. I recently had to take it apart. I have tried different types of soap to no avail. I cant fill it all the way because of air suction. I have been thinking about capping it and going with a simple human automatic dispenser

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Check and see of they carry the one you are talking about. As much as I like my soap dispensers, $400 would give me great pause.

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It's made by Herbeau.

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I actually think all soap dispensers are a PITA to keep refilling which is why NeverMT is the solution. And a brass and copper fixture would be expensive. But if your faucet is that distinctive do you really want some cheap bottle sitting there with the soap in it? If you actually use your kitchen, soap is something you need right there, all the time.

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I chose differently from most who have posted. We have very hard water, and the faucets always end up with white calcium build up around them. I wanted as few things sticking up out of the granite as possible, so we only have the (single hole) faucet and the dishwasher air gap. I bought a pretty bathroom type soap dispenser for about $9 to hold the soap. I fill it up about once every 2-3 weeks, no big deal. When it gets really ugly, I'll get another one. Doesn't bother me that it's sitting on the counter. It's easiser to clean around than something that's permanently installed. Another issue was that my DH does the dishes fairly frequently (thank you Lord!), but insists on using the opposite side of the sink than I do, so having a permanent soap location would be a problem for one of us. Works for us, but I'm sure the dispenser is nice too, as others have described.

We'll be interested in seeing what you chose and your copper/brass sink. Please share pictures when you can.

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I have one in our kitchen at home, and it's a PITA. We've probably had three different ones in 26 years (all of them Hansgrohe or comparable) and they leak, get temperamental and wear out much sooner than the faucet does.

In our weekend house, we didn't put one in because the county said not to use liquid soap due to the sensitivity of the newfangled septic system we had to put in. Turns out they were wrong, but I bought a nice-looking dispenser on the counter and I'm fine with it. I may eventually get one of those hands free/motion detector ones because that would actually be very useful.

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I think a soap dispenser is useful and makes things tidy and calm...but 400.00? that's really kind of ...well...I wouldn't do it. There are alternatives that are very nice for a lot less. Don't be snookered.

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Thanks, Anna. The sink is white cast iron. The faucet is copper/brass. I'll post photos when its all installed.

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Holly- Kay

Threeapples. I love the faucet you picked. I think my ws soap dispenser was over 300 but since I will most likely never do another kitchen (seriously, I will be 60 this sept, I can't last that long) I wanted this one to be as user friendly as possible so I did the soap dispenser and I will be ordering a never mt. I do think though that a pretty soap dispenser would do the trick , but if you want to do an undermount you could go with copper or brass if you don't use the Herbeau one.

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I can get the Herbeau for around $200 it turns out. I just don't know if it would be useful or annoying. And, I know, I know, function is key, but I'm trying really hard to achieve a look that doesn't scream 2013 and all the perks that go along with the gadgets of our day. I'm sure I'll be flamed for that, but it's truly how I feel.

I hate making these little decisions that seem so big!

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We opted not to have a soap dispenser. We had one with our previous sink and found it to be a pain. My husband hated it and was always grabbing the bottle of dish soap from under the sink. I purchased a couple of bath soap/lotion dispensers @ Target that are nearly a perfect match to our Delta faucet (one for dish soap and the other for hand soap). And we found it makes it easier to tell guests that want to help in the kitchen which soap is for dishes & hands.

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There you go. Target. $12.99.

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Heck, I use dish soap for my hands and the dishes. I have a pretty glass dispenser that I bought in the bath section at Target several years ago. I love it. It looks a little like cut glass. I think I paid 15-20$ for it.

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LOVE MY SOAP DISPENSER!!!! Say goodbye to yucky soap mess around the sink. I have a Franke soap dispenser which never drips. I think it may be around $50, but that's a guess. Please don't spend $200.

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I love my soap dispenser and glad I put it in
I still need to order the never mt but was balking on the shipping charges.
I don't remember the cost but wasn't cheap as it is a Waterstone. If I drilled a hole- I wanted something to last!
I say Go go it!

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Another definite 'yea'. This is not a trendy design choice, it's an incredibly functional choice. This is one of the little details you'll be pleased about. Mark it 'decided' and move on to the next decision.

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Just don't get the $400 (or $200) version! lol That is so over the top. What the market will bear. Or the cost of living will not get any better.

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If the matching soap dispenser is $400, dare I ask the price of the faucet?

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I say nay. I've been in vacation rentals where they have the soap dispenser and I just don't like it. I guess I like the freedom to put the soap wherever I direct it. And like AnnaC54 I picked a really pretty dispenser. For $400, or even half, I wouldn't cosider it.

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Debbi Branka

I have a soap dispenser but I fill it with Dawn. I used clear Dawn because the blue Dawn left drips down my white sink. I still have Bath & Body Works soap next to the sink with a bottle of Jergen's both sitting on a cork circle. I had a soap dispenser at my old house too and did the same thing. Loved it.

The picture I attached is actually of the island, but you can see the 4 piece faucet at the sink (sprayer, faucet, water on/off, soap dispenser), with my soap and lotion on the cork next to it. This has worked well for almost 3 years.

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I love my soap dispenser, but I think I should have put it on the right side instead of the left. I have hand soap in it and have the Never MT which is great, as I won't have to think about it for awhile. I have a small bottle of Dawn on the counter for when I wash dishes. I wanted to be able to put the dish soap anywhere in the sink that I needed it.

Never thought to have a dispenser in the bathroom. Would have been a great thing for the kids, heck, all of us!

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Deb, where are your pendants from? They are gorgeous.
The faucet was $1500. It will hopefully last. With a very understated kitchen design I wanted an interesting faucet.

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